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3 Methods of Walkway Trip Hazard Repair

Walkway trip hazard repair services serve an important role to businesses and property owner. The hazard that sidewalk problems present to businesses and travelers extend beyond that of a simple eyesore. Sidewalk trip hazards are liability threats since they pose a danger to people traveling along the walkway.

Moreover, there are associations in place, like the ADA, that strictly enforce the penalties associated with ignoring a trip hazard. For this reason, a walkway trip hazard repair service should be considered to remove the liability before a possible serious injury becomes a real lawsuit.

The article below will highlight some of the most popular ways to repair a walkway trip hazard on sidewalks as well as inform the reader on the benefits of concrete cutting. However, if you are already preparing to schedule a sidewalk trip hazard repair service in South Florida, simply contact Florida Sidewalk Solutions to get a free estimate covering the cost of trip hazard removal.

3 Methods of Walkway Trip Hazard Repair

Over the previous decade, there have been more cost-effective advancements in methods for removing trip hazards being utilized. These new techniques finally make the hassle of replacing sidewalks entirely unnecessary. It is important to note, however, that there are certain advantages and disadvantages associated with the three different methods, as shown below.

#1. Removing concrete slabs and replacing with new concrete

This process of removing concrete and completely replacing it with new concrete will, in fact, completely remove a trip hazard. In addition, this process will result in an aesthetically pleasing finish. However, concrete replacement is costly, time-consuming, and highly disruptive.


  • Removing trip hazard 100%
  • Improving the overall aesthetic of the sidewalk  
  • Addressing foundational issues underneath the sidewalk


  • Removing and replacing concrete is expensive.
  • Highly disruptive
  • Unusable until concrete finishes curing

#2. Cutting concrete to repair a walkway trip hazard

The process of cutting concrete to repair sidewalk trip hazards is a modern and cost-effective option. Newer concrete cutting technology allows technicians to skillfully remove raised concrete to form an ADA compliant slope (less the 1/4″). Hiring a sidewalk repair company that performs concrete cutting also guarantees to eliminate the trip hazard 100% with minimal disruption.


  • Completely eliminates trip hazard
  • Creates textured, non-slip slopes for improved safety
  • Affordability
  • Minimal disruption
  • Better aesthetics than grinding
  • ADA compliant slopes


  • Requires special concrete cutting equipment
  • Cannot be done yourself

#3. Using concrete grinders, scabblers, or scarifiers to repair walkway trip hazard

Concrete grinding is another popular trip hazard removal service that is faster and more cost-effective than complete replacement. Concrete grinding is less disruptive than replacing concrete, as well. However, concrete grinders often cannot reach all corners or a concrete panel, leave scarred surfaces, and do not guarantee ADA compliant slopes.


  • Remove trip hazard
  • Creates textured, non-slip slopes for improved safety
  • Relatively quick to perform


  • Does not guarantee a level surface
  • No ADA compliance guarantee
  • Unappealing finished appearance

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of using concrete cutting in walkway trip hazard repair, contact Florida Sidewalk Solutions. We are proud to be the premier sidewalk repair contractor in South Florida and will be happy to assist you with all your trip hazard concerns.

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Walkway Trip Hazard Repair

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