Fix my sidewalk
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Fix my sidewalk

Fix My Sidewalk

You’re a business owner in South Florida and you’re wondering “How do I Fix my sidewalk” the short answer- call Florida Sidewalk Solutions!

Before embarking on designing, remodeling, or repairing uneven sidewalks, it is important to have a thorough understanding of sidewalk zones and the necessary actions to take. Regardless of the material used, whether it be brick, cement, concrete, flagstones, gravel, or crushed stone, sidewalks must always be kept safe, accessible, and well-maintained. This is because sidewalks play a vital role in the community, contributing to public health and social capital. Therefore, investing in them is a worthwhile endeavor.

To evaluate if fixing uneven sidewalks meets your requirements, it is important to take into account the different areas of the sidewalk. These include the Frontage zone, which is an extension of the building the sidewalk is adjacent to, the Pedestrian Through zone, which is the main accessible pathway parallel to the street, the Street Furniture Curb zone, which is the space between the curb and through zone where you can add amenities like benches, lighting, and utility poles, and lastly the Enhancement zone, which is the area adjacent to the sidewalk that includes curb extensions, parklets, storm-water, parking, and bike lanes. All of these zones must be considered to determine if repairing uneven sidewalks meets your standards.

During the planning stage, it is advised to design a pavement that is at least 5 feet wide to allow two people to walk comfortably side by side. This meets the minimum requirements for accessibility under the Americans with Disabilities Act. However, some cities have opted to create wider pathways to address uneven pavements. If the location is expected to have a large number of pedestrians, it is essential to allocate enough space to accommodate them. It is also important to consider the placement of facilities such as garbage bins, bus stops, signs, and even areas for shared bicycles.

Knowing the different zones is crucial when it comes to fixing uneven sidewalks, especially because each zone serves a specific purpose depending on the sidewalk’s daily foot traffic. You have to comply with both ADA regulations and your own standards for utilizing this area effectively for business. According to research, excellent pedestrian accessibility can increase property values. It is imperative not to omit any of this information when rephrasing the original text.

With years of experience in serving South Florida, Florida Sidewalk Solutions is known for its expertise in precision cutting. The team is committed to providing top-notch sidewalk repair and leveling services, with a primary focus on reducing liability costs for cities. No details are left out to achieve this goal.

So instead of wondering “how do a I fix my sidewalk” Please call Florida Sidewalk Solutions  at 954-514-7218.

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