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When to Consider Sidewalk Trip Hazard Removal in Shopping Plazas

Shopping plazas and other places with public walkways need to be safe for those using it. It’s especially important for individuals that already have difficulty walking, such as the elderly or people living with certain handicaps. If there are problems on a concrete walking path that you own or manage, it’s time to consider contracting with a sidewalk trip hazard removal service.

In the article below, I will outline some of the important reasons sidewalk trip hazard removal services are necessary. I’ll also highlight some of the primary methods and benefits of sidewalk trip hazard repair. If you’re interested in scheduling an appointment to remove trip hazards and are located in the South Florida area, get in touch with our specialists at Florida Sidewalk Solutions.

When Sidewalk Trip Hazard Removal Is Needed

Sidewalks are often taken for granted. However, a sidewalk in shopping centers and other public areas are constantly used by everyone and are present at just about any shopping plaza around. When a sidewalk panel or sidewalk crack begins to worsen to the point that it becomes a hazard to those traveling on the walkway, sidewalk trip hazard removal becomes necessary.

The cost of ignoring trip hazards extends far beyond aesthetic reasons. Trip hazards create a dangerous liability that could quickly become a lawsuit for the property manager or owner when not properly addressed. This is one of the clear points made by the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), which defines a trip hazard as any incline over 1/4 inches.

Methods to Remove Sidewalk Trip Hazards

The different sidewalk trip hazard repairs options include concrete grinding, sidewalk lifting, concrete cutting, and full sidewalk replacement. Concrete grinding is quick and relatively expensive, but also scars the surface and is ineffective in completely removing hazards. Sidewalk replacement does get rid of the trip hazard, but it is also costly, time-consuming, and disruptive.

Concrete cutting is the most effective form of sidewalk trip hazard repair. Cutting trip hazards are 100% effective, environmentally friendly, quick, and impressively affordable. It guarantees that the entire trip hazard is eliminated while ensuring complete ADA compliant slopes and walkways.

Benefits of Sidewalk Trip Hazard Repair

The benefits of sidewalk trip hazard repair with concrete cutting include affordability, reliability, and efficiency. A sidewalk trip hazard removal service generally takes less than an hour. In addition, trip hazard specialists can help survey the rest of a shopping plaza or property to make sure no other trip hazards are present, effectively eliminating all liabilities.

If ADA compliance and reliable service are what you’re looking for in a sidewalk trip hazard repair service, Florida Sidewalk Solutions is here to help. We remove trip hazards using patented concrete cutting technology and have successfully removed countless trip hazards for various municipalities, property management groups, HOAs, and more. Contact us to get a free estimate!

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Sidewalk Trip Hazard Removal

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