Our Patented Sidewalk Repair Process
Fix Sidewalk South Florida

Fix Sidewalk South Florida

Before a trip hazard or potential liability becomes more than a nuisance, it is important to repair sidewalk panels that are uneven. A sidewalk with uneven concrete can lead to a costly legal battle that will end in the property owner paying the full cost. For any questions regarding the best company to Fix Sidewalk South Florida, give Florida Sidewalk Solutions a call.

Hire a sidewalk repair firm that specializes in trip hazard removal to repair sidewalk cracks. This will make it easy to repair sidewalks with uneven concrete slabs.

To discuss how Florida Sidewalk Solutions can help you fix sidewalk panels that are causing trip hazards, please contact us. Here are some reasons why concrete cutting is the best method to remove trip hazards.

Sidewalk trip hazards: How do we fix them?

Our sidewalk repair process is what makes concrete contractors trip hazards removal specialists. It fixes sidewalk cracks and uneven concrete walkways. Our sidewalk repair specialists are precision concrete cutters and have the training and resources to quickly and efficiently fix uneven concrete.

Concrete cutting has been proven to be the best way to remove trip hazards from sidewalks and to repair uneven sidewalk panels.

Our advanced equipment makes it much easier to cut concrete sidewalks. It is also more efficient and environmentally friendly. This ensures that the surface is fully ADA compliant. We guarantee complete satisfaction on all sidewalk repairs.

Each of these benefits is included in the benefits:

  • Equipment rentals cost less than equipment rentals
  • Concrete pouring costs less than new concrete
  • Completely eliminates liability
  • Slopes that are ADA-compliant
  • Non-slip, perfectly level surface
  • Not environmentally hazardous
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Florida Sidewalk Solutions

Florida Sidewalk Solutions is a sidewalk business in Florida that operates out of our offices in Davie, FL. We have completed sidewalk repairs in Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach counties with our concrete contractors.

Over a decade ago, our venture to become the top local trip hazard business started. Since then, we have restored all kinds of sidewalks in our communities. We are trusted by communities, schools, HOAs, and local municipalities to remove financial liability from trip hazards and maintain safe walkways for all.

To speak to a representative about trip hazard removal or scheduling service, call 954-514-7172 and contact us for a free estimate Estimate the cost of repairing sidewalk hazards in your neighborhood.

Fix Sidewalk South Florida

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