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Looking at potential ADA compliance violations at your location- then call the Concrete Repair Specialists Florida sidewalk Solutions!

Ensuring that a walkway, path, or sidewalk is level is vital, especially in cases where trip dangers are eliminated. You must keep this in mind if you run a business or live in an area with walkways or paths. If you have a property that includes such a surface, you must address any irregularities or obstacles.

Florida Sidewalk Solutions has the expertise to understand and comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). As you may have guessed, being compliant with their regulations means offering accessibility to individuals with disabilities in environments, facilities, and other options.

According to the ADA, those constructing sidewalks must follow certain guidelines in order to ensure that people with disabilities are safe and able to use them. In particular, those using wheelchairs, crutches, or canes may be at risk.

Even the texture has to be slip-resistant, firm, and stable, because it has to be uniform, slip-free, and stable. Cutting the right length and width is just as important as applying the concrete. Because a sidewalk has to have a slope of less than a ratio of 1:12 (12 horizontal inches for every inch of vertical rise), it must have a slip-free surface.

It is still just as important to construct a sidewalk so that it is ADA-compliant if there are obstructions such as telephone poles, traffic signal cabinets, or other utility and infrastructure structures nearby. These objects do not create a situation where ignoring ADA compliance is okay simply because it is now less convenient to do so. The minimum width requirement is 36 inches between the edge of obstruction and the edge of the sidewalk for all sidewalks where weather-related limitations exist.

It is critical to pay attention to a number of factors when constructing a new walking path or upgrading an existing one. Our cutting technique is the most efficient in the marketplace, and it results in edges being cut much more precisely than grinders. We use the most up-to-date technology and offer a low-cost approach. We will determine the start and end point of a cut so that it starts and persists at an ADA-compliant slope, regardless of what direction you face it. We will ensure that there is no fall damage from any angle, resulting in a safer and less-intrusive environment.

Florida Sidewalk Solutions is the company that you should use to get rid of trip hazards on uneven sidewalks, concrete pathways, and handicap access ramps. We employ technology that enables us to eliminate all obstacles on uneven footpaths, concrete walkways, and wheeled ramps.

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