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When To Fix a Concrete Sidewalk

As a property owner, you should never neglect to fix a concrete sidewalk when trip hazards form. Although uneven sidewalks and trip hazards may seem like just a nuisance, they can be extremely dangerous.

Not only will it be difficult for pedestrians with mobility issues to walk through it can leave you liable if someone gets hurt. Fixing a concrete sidewalk is no longer a disruptive process.

A reputable sidewalk repair company has access to techniques that make sidewalk trip hazard repair more cost-effective than ever before. This can protect you from liabilities and can make you compliant with the Americans With Disabilities Act. 

Continue reading to learn the importance of repairing concrete sidewalk trip hazards. If you have any more questions or would like to speak with a sidewalk repair company in Florida, be sure to contact Florida Sidewalk Solutions today. 

Trip Hazards and Uneven Sidewalks

The sidewalk on your commercial property is constantly exposed to foot traffic and the elements. Even the very best concrete sidewalks will slowly erode causing cracks, unevenness, and trip hazards.

Cosmetically, this can make the sidewalk look worn down and will affect the overall appearance of the property. The bigger issue lies in the trip hazards that can form. 

Trip hazards can make it very difficult for the elderly and people with injuries or mobility issues to traverse the sidewalk. Even completely healthy pedestrians are vulnerable to falling due to a trip hazard.

Property owners and property management companies will tend to neglect their need to fix the concrete sidewalk on their property. This is mostly because they believe they can save money by putting it off. 

The truth is, an uneven sidewalk with trip hazards will leave a property liable to lawsuits if someone is injured. The property could even face legal action from the government.

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) states that a property owner or property management company is responsible for repairing any trip hazard that forms. Neglecting concrete sidewalk repairs can end up costing much more than addressing the issue when it first arises. 

How To Fix a Concrete Sidewalk Trip Hazard

There are many techniques available to repair concrete sidewalks. Some of these include concrete scrabblers, concrete cutting, and concrete grinding. Any of these techniques are much more affordable than completely replacing the sidewalk panel.

There are some major differences between the different concrete sidewalk repair methods. Most methods that fix a concrete sidewalk will remove trip hazards but concrete cutting is considered the most thorough.

Concrete cutting can repair all areas of a sidewalk panel and will not leave any of the unsightly marks common with other methods. Only a reputable concrete sidewalk repair company has access to the expertise and equipment to perform concrete cutting. 

A pristine sidewalk not only makes your property inviting but it can also make it safer and protect you from potential liabilities. If you want the very best sidewalk trip hazard repair available, then contact Florida Sidewalk Solutions at 954-514-7218 today. 

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Fix Concrete Sidewalk

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