Fixing Sidewalk Cracks
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Fixing Sidewalk Cracks Forming Trip Hazards

Fixing sidewalk cracks that form dangerous trip hazards is an important responsibility for both property management groups and business owners. Not only does sidewalk trip hazard repair help to improve the safety and appearance of a property but it can also be vital for preventing expensive trip and fall lawsuits from occurring.

Importance of Repairing Sidewalk Trip Hazards

Crumbling and broken concrete, especially on commercial properties and public sidewalks, should be addressed sooner than later. Not only are they unsightly in appearance, but sidewalk trip hazards can also be dangerous for visitors walking or riding along the path. 

In most areas, even when the city owns the land the sidewalk is on, fixing sidewalk cracks and trip hazards is the responsibility of the owner. In the unfortunate event someone is injured, the owner or business can be sued for damages, making sidewalk trip hazards a significant liability.

Continue reading to learn more about the importance of repairing sidewalk trip hazards. If you’re interested in sidewalk trip hazard repair and wish to schedule an appointment with a reputable sidewalk repair company in Florida, contact Florida Sidewalk Solutions today for help.

Why Sidewalk Cracks Form

The main reasons sidewalk cracks begin forming are due to the ground beneath the concrete moving, either shifting or settling. This is generally caused by natural elements, such as excess water collecting, water freezing and melting, or vegetation growing beneath that grows enough to alter the concrete. 

After sidewalk cracks begin forming, more water is able to enter the concrete, accelerating the problem. Many people attempt quick DIY sidewalk repairs with patching compounds, though these are ineffective and not intended to be a permanent solution. 

Unfortunately, these quick sidewalk repairs will only help with fixing sidewalk cracks temporarily. For long-term sidewalk trip hazard repairs, there are other options available, such as concrete cutting, grinding, and complete replacement.

Fixing Sidewalk Cracks in Florida

If the problem was caused by something growing underneath the walkway, it’s important to take care of the issue first if you’re going to replace the sidewalk completely. Otherwise, the same problem will happen again in a short period of time. 

Unfortunately, complete sidewalk replacement is a costly and disruptive task. It’s also not easy to do on our own. For those looking at options for fixing sidewalk cracks and trip hazards using a more cost-effective option, concrete cutting is recommended.

Concrete cutting technology has advanced to the point that it has become widely recognized as the best method for sidewalk trip hazard repair. Unlike concrete grinding, cutting can be done at any angle and so that no part of the trip hazard is missed, ensuring complete ADA compliance.

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Fixing Sidewalk Cracks

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