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Where To Get Sidewalk Trip Hazard Repair In Hollywood, FL

It is important to find professional sidewalk trip hazard repair in Hollywood, FL over attempting to repair sidewalk cracks and other sidewalk trip hazards yourself. Without the trained assistance of a professional sidewalk repair company, it can be impossible to completely remove the liability that sidewalk trip hazards cause.

Continue reading to learn more about trip hazards and how a professional sidewalk repair company can completely eliminate these dangerous trip hazards and improve the overall look of your sidewalk. For a free trip hazard removal estimate be sure to contact Florida Sidewalk Solutions today.

Understanding What Trip Hazards Are

Trip hazards are formed in concrete sidewalks through constant exposure to climate, temperature, and weather, all of which can deteriorate the concrete sidewalk. Initially, this damage may seem like a nuisance or an eyesore however they can quickly become a very serious issue. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) defines any uneven walkway with an incline greater than a quarter inch as a public safety hazard.

This means that any commercial, residential, or business property owner is liable if someone injures themselves due to a trip hazard in the concrete sidewalk. This leaves a property vulnerable to not only liabilities but also severely high fines if the ADA directly involves itself. Instead of neglecting sidewalk trip hazard repair in Hollywood it is essential to quickly have any concrete sidewalk trip hazards professionally repaired.

How Are Trip Hazards Removed?

There are a number of methods available to repair sidewalk trip hazards with each providing varying results. Some of these available methods include filling, cutting, grinders, scrabblers, and completely replacing the concrete sidewalk. Despite these various methods, only two currently exist which can completely remove all trip hazards.

One of these methods is completely replacing the concrete sidewalk, which will obviously remove any trip hazards while also eliminating any possible liabilities. Replacing the concrete sidewalk, however, is considered an expensive hassle. Furthermore, sidewalk replacement will cause major disruption which can affect visitors to a property.

Rather, concrete cutting by a sidewalk trip hazard repair company in Hollywood, FL is far more efficient without major disruptions to a property.

Why Concrete Cutting?

Concrete cutting is a concrete sidewalk trip hazard removal method that uses precision equipment to completely repair any sidewalk trip hazards present. The result is a perfectly level and slip-resistant surface that completely eliminates any potential liabilities. A major advantage to concrete cutting is that it does not disrupt a property and can be finished in a reasonable amount of time.

Although concrete cutting is an advanced method of trip hazard removal, it is also surprisingly affordable when compared to other methods. Concrete cutting is typically 70-90% less than the cost of complete concrete sidewalk replacement. All of this makes concrete cutting the most effective and affordable way of complying with the ADA, completely removing trip hazards, and create an aesthetically pleasing sidewalk.

Choosing Florida Sidewalk Solutions

Florida Sidewalk Solutions provides professional trip hazard repair in Hollywood, FL and other surrounding cities in Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach County. We use the latest in precision concrete cutting equipment to ensure your concrete sidewalk is in the very best condition possible. Instead of spending a fortune and failing to remove all trip hazards by doing it yourself, choose the professional concrete sidewalk repair providers. Contact Florida Sidewalk Solutions to get a free estimate today.

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Sidewalk Trip Hazard Repair Hollywood

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