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What is the Best Way to Fix Uneven Sidewalk Hazards?

A cracked or uneven sidewalk never reflects well on the property. However, its unsightly appearance isn’t the only reason to fix uneven sidewalk panels. Sidewalk cracks and uneven panels also pose problems with trip and fall injuries. And if the sidewalk trip hazard is on a shared walkway, the owner or property manager could be held liable.

The potential liability that sidewalk trip hazards present make finding a practical solution important. Unfortunately, replacing concrete is expensive, disruptive, and all around a taxing experience. And although concrete grinding is considerably cheaper, it tends to leave equally unattractive results. So what is the best way to fix uneven sidewalk hazards?

The Best Way to Fix Uneven Sidewalk Problems

As concrete cutting technologies have progressed, it has quickly become the most effective sidewalk trip hazard repair option. Rather than the blemishes that concrete grinding creates and the overall hassle of complete sidewalk replacement, concrete cutting quickly removes trip hazards completely while leaving an aesthetically pleasing, ADA compliant surface.

Better still, concrete cutting to fix uneven sidewalk panels is generally done in very little time. This allows the people to continue using the now safe sidewalk on the same day the service is performed. It’s also more environmentally-friendly than any of the other methods mentioned and among the cheapest.

What About Concrete Lifting to Fix Uneven Sidewalk Panels?

Many people also consider concrete leveling using lifting methods. Although these methods are less costly than replacing the sidewalk completely, they do present other problems. For one, there are a number of reasons that cause trip hazards to form. If the surface underneath isn’t supportive, the lifting materials can cause the integrity of the concrete to become weaker, leading to more trip hazards forming.

On top of that, the methods or materials used to lift and fix an uneven sidewalk are hazardous to the environment. Mudjacking damages the surrounding area and is known to not be a long-lasting solution while polyurethane foam, commonly found in lifting materials, can contain hazardous components.

Fix Uneven Sidewalk Trip Hazards in South Florida

Florida Sidewalk Solutions is proud to be the premier trip hazard removal company in South Florida. Centrally located in Davie, we provide our high-quality concrete cutting services to  Broward County and its surrounding areas. We routinely work with property management companies and HOAs to help effectively remove trip hazards without the hassles and inconsistencies of other sidewalk repair methods.

Contact us to get a free quote for the cost of removing trip hazards today! Why replace the sidewalk when you can keep it while saving money and time? We look forward to proving why our clients continue to entrust us with their sidewalk repair and trip hazard removal needs.

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Fix Uneven Sidewalk

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