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Residential Trip Hazard Repair in South Florida

Residential neighborhoods, gated communities, and apartment buildings all generally have sidewalks lining the streets in order to make traveling around the community easier and safer for residents. If a trip hazard has formed on the path, it’s time to consider contracting a residential trip hazard repair service.

Learn more about the dangers of ignoring trip hazards as well as how to repair sidewalk trip hazards by reading the article below. If you’re prepared to schedule a residential trip hazard repair service, contact our sidewalk repair company to get a free quote today.

Dangers of Ignoring Residential Sidewalk Trip Hazards

Obviously, unlevel or broken sidewalks do not enrich the appearance of a community. However, these sidewalk problems are actually much more than simple eyesores. In fact, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 specifically designated any incline greater than a quarter inch as a public safety hazard, known as a trip hazard.

Trip hazards are dangerous liabilities. What’s more, the cost of ignoring trip hazards leaves property owners or management groups liable to damages in the event someone hurts themselves due to the hazard.

The cost of reaching a settlement with the injured party often reaches into financial amounts in the tens of thousands. Moreover, there are immense safety concerns for anyone walking along the sidewalk, especially those who have trouble walking, such as the disabled, elderly, or small children.

Residential Trip Hazard Repair in South Florida

Florida Sidewalk Solutions is proud to be the premier provider of both commercial and residential trip hazard repair in South Florida. We repair sidewalk trip hazards using cutting-edge, patented concrete cutting technology that enriches community aesthetics and increase neighborhood safety.

Concrete cutting, unlike concrete grinding and sidewalk replacement, is a cost-effective trip hazard repair solution with guaranteed ADA compliance. Rather than the limitations associated with concrete grinding or the high costs and disruptive nature of complete sidewalk replacement, concrete cutting is able to easily reach all corners of a concrete panel while leaving a pleasant-looking, slip-resistant, and level surface.

The guaranteed ADA compliance, affordability, and quick turnaround time are all reasons more and more communities are investing in sidewalk trip hazard repair before an incident occurs. Don’t let a liability become an unnecessary injury or lawsuit. Contact Florida Sidewalk Solutions today and schedule a sidewalk trip hazard repair service soon!

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Residential Trip Hazard Repair

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