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Residential Walkway Repair Company

You should immediately take notice of any sidewalk trip hazards and contact a reliable residential walkway repair company. If you are looking for the most trustworthy Residential Walkway Repair Company look no further than Florida Sidewalk Solutions!

Many property owners and people are not aware that they can be held legally responsible if someone is injured by falling on a trip hazard. Sidewalk trip hazards can cause serious problems and pose a real danger to anyone with mobility issues.

Continue reading to learn more about residential walkway repair services. For a free quote on sidewalk trip hazard repair in South Florida, please contact Florida Sidewalk Solutions.

It is essential to repair residential walkways

A variety of factors can lead to trip hazards. Rainwater can cause the ground beneath the foundation to flood, leading to sidewalk cracks. You can also blame foliage, tree roots, or people for causing damage.

Concrete can become uneven if it begins to sink or rise due to foundational issues. Panels of uneven sidewalks can crack or become more difficult to work with, creating a safety hazard.

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), 1990, a trip hazard is any vertical change exceeding 1/4 inch at any joint or crack. Even small imperfections on sidewalks are considered public hazards.

It’s time for residential walkway repair if you have a sidewalk safety hazard. Sidewalk repairs will make your property safer and 954.514.7218 more secure.

You can help prevent costly lawsuits in case someone is hurt on your property.

Florida Sidewalk Solutions

Florida Sidewalk Solutions is proud of being the best sidewalk repair company in South Florida. We offer expert sidewalk trip hazard repairs to assist clients in removing the hazard from their sidewalk and keeping it clean.

The most advanced concrete cutting technology is our method for trip hazard elimination. Concrete cutting allows us completely to remove the trip hazard at every angle. We leave you with a beautiful, safe, and perfectly even sidewalk surface.

Call Florida Sidewalk Solutions at 954-514-7218 today to receive a free estimate.

Residential Walkway Repair Company

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