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ADA Compliant Sidewalk Trip Hazard Repair in Miramar

Property liability can be an especially dangerous thing to ignore for business and property managers. Sidewalk trip hazards are one of the biggest liabilities business owners face yet many choose to ignore them until it’s too late. Instead, knowing when to find a company for sidewalk trip hazard repair in Miramar can save you the hassle and potential costs of ignoring the liability.

The purpose of the following article is to explain the importance of removing sidewalk trip hazards. It will also focus on the best method available for sidewalk trip hazard repair Miramar businesses can depend on for guaranteed ADA compliance. If you’re already prepared to begin working with a sidewalk repair company in South Florida, get in touch with a specialist at Florida Sidewalk Solutions today.

The Liability of Sidewalk Trip Hazards

Sidewalk tripping hazards are so common nowadays that they are often overlooked by most people. In order to better understand the liability concerns associated with commercial trip hazards, it’s first important to understand what a trip hazard actually is.

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 defines any incline greater than one-quarter inches as a public safety hazard, otherwise known as a trip hazard. These trip hazards can be especially dangerous to anyone walking on the property who already has difficulty walking, such as young children, the physically disabled, and the elderly.

If an individual is walking on a sidewalk and happens to injure themselves due to the presence of a trip hazard, more often than not the business responsible for the upkeep of the public walkway will be the one held responsible. The cost of such legal liability cases is known to be extremely expensive and could range in the tens of thousands.

Sidewalk Trip Hazard Repair for ADA Compliance

In order to make the most of a sidewalk trip hazard repair in Miramar, ADA compliance should be considered paramount. Fortunately, the options for removing trip hazards have expanded beyond the traditionally expensive and cumbersome process of replacing concrete sidewalk panels entirely.

However, the best sidewalk trip hazard removal option now is concrete cutting. Rather than being limited by the complications associated with concrete grinders and scabblers or dealing with the burdens of full sidewalk replacement, concrete cutting is able to affordably and effectively remove trip hazards from any angle with little disruption to the property.

Schedule Trip Hazard Repair in Miramar

If you’re in need of sidewalk trip hazard repair in Miramar and wish to have a full site inspection to ensure all trip hazards are handled properly, we can help. Florida Sidewalk Solutions is the premier sidewalk repair company in South Florida. We specialize specifically in commercial trip hazard removals and can expertly diagnose and repair tripping hazards for complete ADA compliance.

Contact our sidewalk repair contractors to schedule a site inspection and allow our technicians to provide you with a free estimate for the cost of removing your trip hazard completely. We proudly stand by our work with guaranteed results. Call 954-514-7218 to speak with a staff member directly and keep your sidewalk without the liability!

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Sidewalk Trip Hazard Repair Miramar

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