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Sidewalk Trip Hazard Removals in South Florida

A trip and fall liability case can leave businesses and property managers crippled financially, especially if it’s due to an ADA sidewalk trip hazard. Sidewalk trip hazard removals are recommended to help prevent trip and fall liability lawsuits from happening and help to improve overall public safety.

There are a few common methods to repair sidewalk trip hazards in South Florida. Such new sidewalk repair services like concrete grinding and concrete cutting have gained more and more popularity thanks to their many advantages of replacing an entire sidewalk.

Continue reading the article below to learn more about sidewalk trip hazard removals performed with patented concrete cutting technologies. If you are already prepared to schedule a sidewalk trip hazard repair service and wish to speak with an experienced team of sidewalk repair contractors in South Florida, please contact the team at Florida Sidewalk Solutions to get a free estimate.

Concrete Cutting in Sidewalk Trip Hazard Removals

The hassle and costs associated with replacing an entire sidewalk often prevent property managers and businesses from adequately maintaining their walking paths. Not only does it cost a lot to replace sidewalks entirely, but it’s also a disruptive process that can last days or even weeks.

Concrete cutting and concrete grinding both enable those responsible for sidewalk trip hazards to have ADA compliant sidewalks without completely replacing the sidewalk. However, where concrete grinding has multiple limitations that prevent it from guaranteeing complete ADA compliance, concrete cutting accomplishes this task with ease.

Florida Sidewalk Solutions uses patented concrete cutting technologies that allow our sidewalk repair contractors to remove trip hazards, no matter the angle or structural challenge. This ensures ADA compliance, is surprisingly affordable, and, perhaps most importantly, reduces the potential liability of having to deal with a trip and fall injury.

Schedule Trip Hazard Repair in South Florida

Florida Sidewalk Solutions is proud to be regarded among locals as the sole provider of concrete cutting services for sidewalk trip hazard removals in South Florida. Our mission is to help increase access to the technology that prevents these dangers from occurring while increasing property safety.

We understand the hassle and disruptive nature of replacing concrete sidewalks. We also understand the significant costs it requires to make that happen. Rather, our company motto is a reflection of the practical solution we provide businesses, property management groups, and beyond.

Remove the liability. Keep the sidewalk. Contact Florida Sidewalk Solutions today to schedule a free estimate for sidewalk trip hazard removals in South Florida today!

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Sidewalk Trip Hazard Removals

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