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Remove Sidewalk Trip Hazards On A Budget

Fall and trip hazards on sidewalks or public walkways pose potential liability threats to whoever is responsible for the sidewalk. The process to remove sidewalk trip hazards can be costly if there is a need to rent concrete grinders or hire a sidewalk repair company to completely remove and replace unlevel concrete panels.

There is, however, a more efficient, practical and affordable solution to remove sidewalk trip hazards on a tight budget. This is especially important to consider if you or your business are the responsible parties that will be required to pay out any potential liability claims and damages in the event someone is injured.

Though many sidewalk repair businesses and independent concrete sidewalk contractors still settle for the traditional process of scarifying or grinding uneven concrete surfaces, improved concrete cutting technology has changed the industry. The goal of this article is to offer an alternative method to remove sidewalk trip hazards from uneven walkways without breaking the bank.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of using precision concrete cutting in sidewalk trip hazard removals. To receive a free estimate for the cost of trip hazard removal services from a precision concrete cutting affiliate, contact Florida Sidewalk Solutions.

Common Ways To Remove Sidewalk Trip Hazards

Up until recent years, it has become widely understood that there are two common ways to remove fall and trip hazards from unlevel concrete sidewalks. Each of these two common trip hazard removal techniques has its own advantages and disadvantages, which you can learn more about below.

#1. Entirely dig out and remove peaked concrete slabs to add new concrete.

This technique requires the whole affected area of the uneven sidewalk to be removed entirely leaving the bare ground exposed. Once the uneven ground area is leveled and properly prepared, new concrete slabs will then need to be poured.


  • Trip hazard is eliminated.
  • Freshly poured concrete improves the appearance of the sidewalk.
  • Other potential issues underneath the concrete can be addressed.


  • The process is typically expensive.
  • The process is time-consuming.
  • Obstructed walkway becomes unusable until the new concrete is cured.

#2. Use concrete grinders, scabblers, or scarifiers to level uneven concrete.

Removing trip hazards with concrete grinders or scarifiers addresses only the trip hazard itself and requires much less obstruction or time to complete the project.


  • Trip hazard is eliminated.
  • Concrete is textured into a non-slip surface.
  • Not a long time to complete.


  • The surface is not completely leveled.
  • The slope is not ADA compliant.
  • Unsightly overall appearance.
  • Renting the necessary equipment is expensive

#3. Remove sidewalk trip hazards with precision concrete cutting.

Hiring concrete sidewalk contractors to perform a sidewalk repair service using precision concrete cutting removes trip hazards completely. Cutting concrete also ensures every inch of the concrete panels is accurately measured for assured ADA compliant slopes.


  • Trip hazard is eliminated.
  • Concrete is textured into a non-slip surface.
  • More affordable than concrete removal and renting equipment.
  • Not a long time to complete.
  • Best finished appearance.
  • Assured ADA compliance.


  • Cannot be performed yourself.

Click here to learn more about using precision concrete cutting to remove sidewalk trip hazards completely. Visit Florida Sidewalk Solutions to find out how we can help remove trip hazards completely, eliminate potential liability cases, and leave uneven concrete walkways looking better than ever.

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Remove Sidewalk Trip Hazards

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