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The Best Way To Repair Uneven Concrete Sidewalks

Concrete sidewalks will over the course of time develop cracks of faults that become fall or trip hazards. Raising concrete sidewalk and other sidewalk repair projects can become a costly endeavor if the right professional know-how is missing. The process of trip hazard removal can also become expensive if you are inexperienced or have to rent concrete grinders and other sidewalk repair equipment on your own.

The easiest option is to hire a sidewalk repair company but many still rely on outdated techniques such as scarifying or grinding uneven concrete surfaces. Fortunately, new technology and equipment that is capable of fixing an uneven sidewalk, removing trip hazards, and other sidewalk repair projects is now a feasible option.

This article serves to educate the cost minded business owner on new and alternative methods of raising concrete sidewalk slabs and removing sidewalk trip hazards that could cost you thousands in liability. You can also contact Florida Sidewalk Solutions to get a free estimate for trip hazard removal using precision concrete cutting.

Options For Sidewalk Repair

Using Scarifiers, Concrete Grinders, Or Scabblers To Level A Raising Concrete Sidewalk

Most traditional sidewalk repair companies will use equipment called scarifiers or concrete grinders to perform sidewalk repair and trip hazard removal. Unfortunately, this does not completely address the issue and only partially repairs uneven concrete walkways.

Although this method is a timely way of repairing concrete sidewalk issues, it also comes with a number of limitations. For example, using concrete grinders, scrabblers, or scarifiers does not completely level the surface.

This leads to an unsightly overall appearance and most importantly for business owners the slope is not ADA compliant. Remember that in order to avoid costly fines and even the threat of liability it is important to comply with the ADA.

The rental equipment necessary to perform sidewalk repair and leveling a raising concrete sidewalk is prohibitively expensive. Similarly, replacing concrete takes both time and effort and between the freshly poured concrete and labor costs, it could end up being costly while still leaving a potential liability.

Using Precision Concrete Cutting To Remove Sidewalk Trip Hazards

Concrete sidewalk contractors that use precision concrete cutting is the premier choice for sidewalk repair. This is because it is much more affordable and efficient than raising concrete sidewalk slabs or renting the necessary equipment yourself.

Precision concrete cutting also creates a much more aesthetically pleasing solution that is also more efficient than traditional sidewalk repair techniques. Beyond the physical appearance of the finished product using precision concrete cutting also ensures a far safer sidewalk.

In this method, the concrete is textured into a non-slip surface leaving a completely ADA compliant slope. Cutting concrete cannot be performed by yourself which is why it is important to hire a sidewalk repair company that is experienced in using precision concrete cutting to remove trip hazards.

The choice for sidewalk repairs and trip hazard removal is a clear one. Choosing precision concrete cutting ensures that the job will be done correctly, on time, and in the most affordable way possible.

If you are considering raising concrete sidewalk slabs and wish to learn more about how to remove trip hazards effectively and eliminate the potential for liability cases, visit Florida Sidewalk Solutions today.

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Raising Concrete Sidewalk

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