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Concrete Sidewalk Leveling With Precision Concrete Cutting

When the American Disabilities Act first defined sidewalk cracks or imperfections as trip hazards back in the early nineties, trip hazard specialists became the best solution for ADA compliance. Shortly after that, concrete sidewalk leveling became one of the primary services provided by professional sidewalk repair companies who specialize in removing trip hazards.

The process for concrete sidewalk leveling can be done using a few different methods, all of which still must adhere to the regulations and guidelines set forth for total ADA compliant slopes. However, the most effective way of removing trip hazards with concrete sidewalk leveling is to use a precision concrete cutting method.

To learn more about using precision cutting for concrete sidewalk leveling, continue reading the article below. To speak with a trip hazard specialist in Florida about sidewalk repair services in a residential area or commercial property, call Florida Sidewalk Solutions today.

Benefits of Precision Concrete Cutting

Though attempting to level a damaged sidewalk with concrete filling or concrete replacements is often cheaper, the finished results can still leave flaws on the pathway. While concrete grinders and scabblers are also widely available for commercial use, renting the equipment is generally a more expensive alternative (with no finish guarantees).

The cutting method, or precision concrete cutting, was designed to address some of the major flaws in these sidewalk repair methods, such as difficulty reaching the sidewalk edges or the inability to grind one concrete panel to match the level of bordering panels. In contrast, a trip hazard specialist who uses the cutting method is able to easily make the entire sidewalk surface perfectly flush.

Armed with specialized cutting equipment, concrete sidewalk leveling can be performed with ADA compliant slopes added. This is a significant advantage when compared to the generally rough, unlevel, and scarred concrete sidewalks repaired using grinders or scabblers.

The Ideal Approach

To achieve fully ADA compliant slopes, our trip hazard specialists use patented horizontal saw-cutting technology to ensure all sidewalk slopes are perfectly level. The offsets are first tapered to the specific measurements given to us by our client and then coated with a flush, non-slip surface.

The newly raised sidewalk will then be perfectly leveled with the requested incline before being cut edge to edge for a 100% trip hazard-free surface. The end goal is to eliminate every possible angle that poses a potential hazard for anyone using it, ultimately making the sidewalk safer while eliminating any potential liability for property managers.

To speak with one a trip hard specialist for a free concrete sidewalk leveling estimate, contact Florida Sidewalk Solutions today.

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Concrete Sidewalk Leveling

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