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Property owners should not neglect to repair concrete sidewalks that become trip hazards. Trip hazards and uneven sidewalks may not seem dangerous, but they can pose a serious danger. If you are in need of a Fix Concrete Sidewalk Company you are in luck! Look no further than Florida Sidewalk Solutions!

It will be difficult for pedestrians with mobility problems to cross it. You could also be held liable if anyone is hurt. Concrete sidewalk repair is not disruptive.

Reputable sidewalk repair companies have access to methods that make sidewalk trip hazard repair cheaper than ever before. This can help you avoid liabilities and make you more compliant with the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Continue reading to learn more about concrete sidewalk trip hazards. Contact Florida Sidewalk Solutions if you have further questions or want to speak to a sidewalk company in Florida.

Trip Hazards and Uneven Sidewalks

Your commercial property’s sidewalk is exposed to both foot traffic and the elements. Even the best concrete sidewalks can slowly erode, resulting in cracks, unevenness, and trip hazards.

This can affect the property’s appearance and make it look older. The problem is more serious and can lead to trip hazards.

It can be very difficult for elderly people and those with mobility problems to use the sidewalk due to trip hazards. A trip hazard can make pedestrians even more vulnerable to falling.

Property managers and owners will often neglect the need to repair concrete sidewalks on their properties. They believe that they can save money if they put it off.

A property with a dangerous sidewalk can lead to lawsuits. Even the government could take legal action against the property.

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, property owners or management companies are responsible for repairing any trip hazard that may occur. It can cost more to repair concrete sidewalks than to address the problem when it occurs.

How to Fix a Concrete Sidewalk Hazard

Concrete sidewalks can be repaired using many different techniques. Concrete scrabblers, concrete cutters, and concrete grinding are just a few of the options. These techniques are cheaper than replacing the entire sidewalk panel.

There are many differences in concrete sidewalk repair methods. Concrete cutting is the most thorough method of repairing concrete sidewalks. However, many methods can remove trip hazards.

Concrete cutting is able to repair any area of a sidewalk panel. It will not leave any unsightly marks that are common with other methods. Concrete cutting can only be performed by a professional concrete sidewalk repair company.

A clean sidewalk can make your property more inviting and also protect you from liability. Florida Sidewalk Solutions can help you repair sidewalk hazards. Call 954-514-7218 now.

Fix Concrete Sidewalk Company

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