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Solutions To Repair Concrete Sidewalk Near Me

Looking for a reputable sidewalk trip hazard repair company is the best solution for anyone in need of finding concrete sidewalk repair near me. The options for Florida sidewalk trip hazard repair services are now more available than ever before. 

The importance of sidewalk trip hazard repair services has fortunately become more and more recognized by property management groups and businesses everywhere. It provides them the option to repair their hazardous sidewalk and promote safety while protecting both themselves and the people that frequent their property.

Florida Sidewalk Solutions is proud to be regarded as the premier sidewalk trip hazard repair company in the South Florida region. We specialize in repairing dangerous trip hazards to ensure complete ADA compliance and enhance overall safety on our clients’ properties. 

Learn more about the sidewalk trip hazard repair services we offer below. To find out what truly sets us apart as the best option for concrete sidewalk repair near me or to schedule a free estimate, contact Florida Sidewalk Solutions today.

Understanding The Liabilities Of Sidewalk Trip Hazards 

Generally speaking, sidewalk trip hazards are public hazards. They can make it difficult for people traveling on concrete sidewalks and walkways This is especially true for those with existing limitations. 

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) actually defines any raised surface that exceeds one-quarter inch on a public sidewalk as a trip hazard. This determination is important because the people who own or manage these public sidewalks with an existing trip hazard are responsible for ensuring its safety. 

In other words, a sidewalk trip hazard is an existing liability. Ignoring it can lead to damaging legal action and high financial settlements. But more importantly, they can cause someone to become critically injured.

How Concrete Sidewalk Trip Hazards Are Repaired

The primary options for sidewalk trip hazard repair are concrete cutting, concrete grinding, and replacing the sidewalk panel or whole sidewalk entirely. As most business owners and property management groups know, replacing an entire concrete sidewalk can be a significant costly and disruptive burden. 

For this reason, modern trip hazard repair services have eliminated these issues. Both concrete grinding and concrete cutting are quick and cost-effective. However, concrete cutting is now the preferred option over concrete grinding if you want guaranteed ADA compliance. 

While concrete grinders have known limitations and leave unsatisfying results, concrete cutting can actually reach every corner of a sidewalk panel without causing damage to any objects and leaves an aesthetically pleasing, slip-resistant travel path.

Get An Estimate For Concrete Sidewalk Repair Near Me

If you’ve been looking for options for concrete sidewalk repair near me and are located in the South Florida region, reach out to us for help. Florida Sidewalk Solutions has successfully removed thousands of trip hazards for property management groups, businesses, and municipalities of all sizes.

Contact Florida Sidewalk Solutions to get a free quote for sidewalk trip hazard repair services and learn why we continue to be regarded as the top sidewalk repair company in Florida. Don’t bother with the hassle of sidewalk replacement.

Keep the sidewalk, remove the liability!

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Repair Concrete Sidewalk Near Me

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