Professional Commercial Sidewalk Repairs
Sidewalk Repairs

Professional Commercial Sidewalk Repairs

If you are considering commercial sidewalk repairs you should choose a professional commercial sidewalk repairs company. This will help improve the safety of your property’s sidewalks and enhance the overall appearance.

Over time, sidewalks will develop trip hazards. Sidewalk trip hazards and uneven sidewalks can pose a major risk for anyone using them. You will be liable for any injuries that occur. 

Trip hazards and uneven sidewalks are especially dangerous to people with disabilities, the elderly, and the very young. Sidewalk repairs are an important investment for your property. 

There are many ways to repair uneven sidewalks and remove trip hazard removals. Unfortunately, most methods are either too expensive or will not ensure ADA compliant sidewalks. 

Below are some of the reasons why sidewalk repairs are necessary sooner rather than later and the best method to use. If you would like to schedule an appointment with a sidewalk repair company, contact Florida Sidewalk Solutions. 

Importance Of Commercial Sidewalk Repairs

The ground beneath concrete sidewalks is always moving due to natural elements like the pooling of water. This causes sidewalk cracks to form along with a host of other issues.

Once sidewalk cracks begin to form, more water is able to pool, making the problem worse. Simple sidewalk repairs will only alleviate the problem temporarily. Concrete grinding, cutting, and replacement are the better options.

Removing Sidewalk Trip Hazards

There are a number of methods available for commercial sidewalk repairs. One method is completely replacing the affected sidewalk panel. Sidewalk replacement however is an extremely disruptive and expensive method. 

Another method is concrete scrabblers and grinders. Some of the equipment to perform concrete grinding and scrabbling can be rented. Unfortunately, these methods have serious limitations. 

Along with the cost of renting the equipment, grinding and scrabbling the concrete will not completely remove some trip hazards or uneven sidewalks. These methods leave unsightly marks on the sidewalk.

Additionally, concrete scrabblers and grinders cannot guarantee ADA compliance. The best method for commercial sidewalk repairs is the precision method known as concrete cutting. 

Concrete cutting can target sidewalk trip hazards located anywhere on the sidewalk panel. It also can be performed in less time than other methods while making the sidewalk ADA compliant. 

Concrete cutting can only be performed by a professional sidewalk repair company. 

Professional Commercial Sidewalk Repairs

Florida Sidewalk Solutions is a sidewalk maintenance and repair company that offers professional concrete cutting. Our experts can ensure sidewalks and walkways stay looking their best and are ADA compliant.

For more information or to receive a free estimate, please contact Florida Sidewalk Solutions at 954-514-7218  today.

Professional Commercial Sidewalk Repairs

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