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Remove Trip Hazards With Coral Springs Sidewalk Repair

There are several important reasons for investing in sidewalk trip hazard repair in Coral Springs and beyond. For starters, a sidewalk trip hazard is a public danger to those using the sidewalk and walking on the property. 

All it takes is one trip and fall accident to occur for the injured person to choose to pursue a legitimate lawsuit. They have every right to do this and the business or property owner will be responsible for the damages in most cases.

A trip and fall type of lawsuit can wind up turning into a serious financial burden, especially for small business owners and property managers. Most statistics reveal that the median amount of these types of lawsuits can end up going into the tens of thousands.

Rather than put yourself at risk for such a liability, paying the cost of sidewalk trip hazard repair in Coral Springs is a safer choice that only comes out to a fraction of the cost compared to these legal settlements. Learn more about why repairing sidewalk trip hazards is important below. To schedule a sidewalk trip hazard repair service soon, contact Florida Sidewalk Solutions.

Why Trip Hazards Are Dangerous

Everyone is familiar with a scenario where an unseen crack in the sidewalk can cause someone to trip and fall. Tripping on an unseen crack can feel uncomfortable, even embarrassing. More importantly, the trip and fall can result in a legitimate injury.

These dangers are especially true for those who have more difficulty walking. Elderly persons, small children, and people living with a form of disability understand that the dangers that sidewalk trip hazards pose to their safety and wellbeing. Unfortunately, many trip hazards remain unrepaired.

Many property owners won’t consider sidewalk repairs vital and choose to ignore them entirely. However, it’s important to understand that the Americans with Disability Act of 1990 defines a trip hazard as any incline that exceeds ¼ inches.

In other words, the ADA sidewalk regulations say that sidewalk trip hazards are a significant public hazard and liability. Property management groups and businesses who are responsible for their property are legally and financially responsible for handling these public hazards.

Get A Quote For Sidewalk Trip Hazard Repair in Coral Springs

Prior to modern methods, complete sidewalk replacement was the only way to fully remove a trip and fall hazard from walkways. Fortunately, now there are more cost-effective and efficient Coral Springs sidewalk trip hazard repair service options, like concrete cutting and grinding.

While concrete grinding is often preferable to complete sidewalk replacement, grinding cannot guarantee a hazardous liability is entirely removed. Concrete cutting, on the other hand, does make such a guarantee possible.

Florida Sidewalk Solutions is proud to be the top sidewalk repair company for removing sidewalk trip hazards. Please contact our team to get a free sidewalk repair quote if you’d like to learn more about how we can help keep your sidewalk safe and remove the liability.

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