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Trip Hazards

South Florida Sidewalk Repair

Trip hazards are the bane of most property owner’s existence. Eventually, we all will have to deal with these nuances as neglecting them can lead to serious consequences. Florida Sidewalk Solutions is the premier contractor for South Florida sidewalk repair. Read on to find out why and learn why these hazards are so common. 


Why Do I Need Sidewalk Repair? 


Sidewalk trip hazards are frustrating, and can sometimes seem to pop up from nowhere. So why do we see these menaces everywhere and why are they so hard to control? One of the first reasons is because there are many necessary regulations stating that a hazard can happen at just a 1/4 inch difference in sidewalk panels. Due to being outdoors and a high traffic area, there are also a great many things that can affect the integrity of your walkway.


There are the obvious causes of sidewalk damage. Especially in sidewalks bordering parking lots, car accidents are often to blame for broken concrete. We also have the damage after a hurricane or harsh thunderstorm to contend with here in Florida. All of that water itself is also not a great thing, as it can widen existing cracks and damage your foundation.

In addition to direct damage, there are other things that can cause your sidewalks to develop a trip hazard slowly over time. Tree roots or soft ground soil can cause your sidewalk to shift sideways, sink, and even crack in two. Amazingly, even animal activity can be to blame in certain areas. 


Why Florida Sidewalk Repair?


Others often use harsh grinding methods that are just not ideal. To begin with, they are not very precise and can even create large divots in your concrete. Frequently, due to the clunky nature of the equipment, it is hard to get a close enough angle to properly fix the trip hazard. They also leave unsightly scarring behind. All-in-all, we saw that these methods were simply not sufficient. That is why we use patented technology to precisely, cleanly, and fully remove your trip hazard. You will be left with a smooth repair that is ADA compliant and will blend seamlessly. We believe that our quality of work speaks for itself, but here are some additional reasons you will love contracting us: 


Save Money


As Mr. Perez-Castaneda of the Miami-Dade Parks and Recreation Department notes, our method is much more cost-effective than removal and repouring. A complete demolish then repair was long thought to be the best solution. He says:


“I am very pleased with the job done by your company for MDPRD in cutting the existing concrete sidewalk at Highland Oaks Park to avoid trip hazards. The quality of the job performed is very good, as it was the turnaround time and the cost compared with the traditional method…”


On average, our customers save an incredible 70%- 90% when choosing Florida Sidewalk Solutions! 


Seamless Customer Experience


At Florida Sidewalk Solutions, we value our customer service as much as the professionalism of our work. Especially in HOA communities, where resident satisfaction is of utmost importance, you can trust us to deliver the most timely and friendly service. We have plenty of experience in large scale gated community projects. Here is a review from one of such recent jobs:

“The work was completed almost immediately. Again, your staff received many compliments on the work they were doing and their courtesy in explaining the process to homeowners.

Have gone through projects to remove/replace concrete and root pruning before, your process is much more efficient and cost-effective. I have shared this information with my fellow managers. I would recommend your services to anyone who is encountering multiple trip hazards throughout their community.”- Jean LeGrys, Association Manager Parkland Isles Homeowners Assoc. Inc.


If you are ready to finally tackle your trip hazards, turn to us, and experience the difference of working with contractors who care. Reach out by phone or message here and we will be in touch to schedule your free South Florida sidewalk repair assessment. 

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