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If your property’s sidewalk is damaged it will require professional assistance to remove the sidewalk trip hazards that develop. Uneven sidewalks are more than eyesores or inconveniences. They can pose a real danger to anyone traveling on the sidewalk, especially the elderly, those with disabilities, and young children. 

Even a minor defect can create a sidewalk trip hazard that could end up seriously injuring someone and costing you heavily. Trip hazards are recognized as a public safety hazard. By law, any sidewalk with an incline greater than ¼ inches qualifies as a trip hazard according to the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA). 

In addition to maintaining the sidewalk’s safety, your property can protect itself from lawsuits and injury claims. The reasons to maintain the quality of a property’s sidewalks are plain to see. Replacing the sidewalk entirely is one option however, this method is expensive, time-consuming, and very disruptive. 

In recent years, new sidewalk trip hazard repair methods have begun to gain popularity for their effectiveness. Below are some examples of how a sidewalk trip hazard can be removed. If you are ready to receive a free estimate for your next sidewalk repair project or have any questions, please contact Florida Sidewalk Solutions

How Sidewalk Trip Hazards Can Be Removed

In most cases, replacing an entire sidewalk or sidewalk panel is unnecessary. Replacing the sidewalk is only necessary if the sidewalk is heavily damaged and unsalvageable.

There are a number of alternative methods available that are less expensive and disruptive as sidewalk replacement. All of these methods are just as effective however concrete cutting is considered the best option. 

Most methods that will remove sidewalk hazards will either leave the surface appearing rough or will cause damage to its surroundings. By contrast, concrete cutting can reach the entire surface area from any angle. The result is a clean looking concrete sidewalk that is ADA compliant and affordable. 

Repair Trip Hazards In South Florida

If you have noticed your concrete sidewalks have become cracked, damaged, and trip hazards have formed, it is important to hire professionals. Florida Sidewalk Solutions is a professional and well-renowned trip hazard removal company that specializes in concrete cutting.

Our team of trip hazard specialists have access to the expertise and equipment to properly perform concrete cutting. Our record for successful trip hazard removal of many properties have made us an industry leader in technology.

The team at Florida Sidewalk Solutions is fully trained in the use of precision cutting tools and are dedicated to providing outstanding service. We guarantee that our work will be ADA compliant, aesthetically pleasing, and finished on time. 

If you would like to receive a free estimate or schedule an appointment to professional remove sidewalk hazards in your property; please contact Florida Sidewalk Solutions or call 954-514-7218 today. 

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Remove Sidewalk Hazards

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