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Importance Of Commercial Sidewalk Repair

Are you considering commercial sidewalk repair but are unsure if you should make the investment? There are numerous reasons to consider repairing commercial sidewalks.

Although many property owners and management companies may think they are saving money by neglecting sidewalk trip hazard repair, the opposite is true. For example, even a slightly uneven sidewalk can create potentially dangerous trip hazards that could cause serious injury.

One trip and fall accident can cause a major lawsuit that could end up costing tens of thousands of dollars. By contrast, paying for commercial sidewalk repair is much less costly. 

Continue reading to learn more about why you should consider commercial sidewalk repair. If you are interested in scheduling a sidewalk repair service for trip hazard removal, please contact Florida Sidewalk Solutions today. 

Commercial Sidewalk Repair Removes Trip Hazards

A damaged sidewalk can cause trip hazards to form on the surface. Trip hazards may seem like an inconvenience, however, they can pose a serious danger. The danger posed by sidewalk trip hazards is doubled for people with mobility issues like those with injuries, the elderly, and young children. 

A single trip hazard poses a serious danger to the public and is a liability risk to the property owner or management company. Trip hazards are so dangerous that there are even laws designed to regulate them.

The Americans with Disability Act of 1990 (ADA) mentions trip hazards and defines them as any incline exceeding ¼”. The management group or business is legally and financially responsible for any slip and fall accident that occurs on their property. 

Trip Hazard Removal Options

One reason why property owners and management companies neglect commercial sidewalk repair is because it can be disruptive and partially-effective. Replacing the sidewalk entirely was the only way to completely remove trip hazards. Fortunately, there are new methods available that are both affordable and much more effective. 

Concrete grinding is a common, modern way to remove trip hazards. However, it has its limitations. Concrete cutting is a far more effective method for commercial sidewalk repair that can completely remove all trip hazards. Even better, concrete cutting does not leave any unsightly marks like those associated with concrete grinding.  

Not all commercial sidewalk repair companies have access to the precision equipment to perform concrete cutting. This is why it is important to choose a professional sidewalk repair company like Florida Sidewalk Solutions. We are proud to be South Florida’s trusted choice for sidewalk trip hazard repair services. 

Please contact Florida Sidewalk Solutions or call 954-514-7218 today to get a free sidewalk repair estimate or if you would like to learn more about how we can keep your sidewalk surfaces looking great and liability-free. 

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Commercial Sidewalk Repair

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