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Sidewalk trip hazard removal is an essential part of maintaining the quality and safety of a property. Trip hazards on public walkways or sidewalks are far more than an eyesore or nuisance. They also pose serious liability threats to whoever is responsible for the sidewalk. Many property owners and management companies neglect trip hazards because removing them can be costly and extremely disruptive. 

Fortunately, there is an affordable method available that can completely remove trip hazards efficiently and effectively. Although concrete scrabblers and grinders can remove most trip hazards, concrete cutting is the best available method for complete trip hazard removal that can keep a property compliant and liability free. 

Continue reading to learn some of the common methods for removing sidewalk trip hazards and why concrete cutting stands apart. If you would like to learn more or are ready to receive a free estimate for removing trip hazards in your property using concrete cutting, please contact Florida Sidewalk Solutions

Common Sidewalk Trip Hazard Repair Methods

Pouring New Concrete

One method that has been used in the past involves removing the affected area of the uneven sidewalk until the bare ground is exposed. The affected area is completely dug out, leveled, and then prepared for the new concrete slabs to be poured. Although this completely removes the trip hazards present it can be extremely expensive and time-consuming. 

The sidewalk or walkway remains unusable until the newly poured concrete is cured. 

Using Concrete Grinders, Scarifiers, Or Scabblers

Concrete scarifiers and grinders are other methods typically used for trip hazard removal. Unfortunately, this method only addresses the trip hazard itself and leaves an unsightly appearance.overall. Additionally, the surface of the sidewalk is not completely leveled and the slope is not ADA compliant. The necessary equipment is also expensive to rent. 

Concrete Cutting

Concrete cutting uses precision to completely remove all trip hazards. The concrete is also textured to create a non-slip surface. Unlike concrete grinders, scarifiers, or scabblers, concrete cutting will make the sidewalk completely ADA compliant. Once complete, the sidewalk will look like new without any unsightly marks. 

Concrete cutting can only be done by a professional sidewalk repair company. Nevertheless, it is a much more affordable trip hazard removal method than concrete removal and renting equipment. 

Professional Sidewalk Trip Hazard Removal

Precision concrete cutting requires access to the proper tools, equipment, and the expertise to use them. Florida Sidewalk Solutions is a professional sidewalk repair company that offers concrete cutting for complete trip hazard removal.

If you would like to learn more about how we can completely remove trip hazards on your sidewalks and walkways, please contact Florida Sidewalk Solutions or call 954-514-7218 today.

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Trip Hazard Removal

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