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Repairing concrete sidewalk hazards when they first appear is an important responsibility of any property management company. Although concrete is one of the most durable construction materials in the world, it can develop issues such as tripping hazards over time.

Neglecting sidewalk trip hazards when they arrive could lead to pedestrian injuries and even legal repercussions. This means repairing any sidewalk hazards must be done by a qualified company. 

A reputable and quality sidewalk repair company in Florida will have the proper training and equipment to ensure the property’s concrete surfaces like sidewalks are repaired correctly. This will keep the concrete sidewalks looking great for longer without needing to replace sidewalks entirely.

Although there are many people that claim to perform sidewalk trip hazard repairs, many are not qualified for the job. Fortunately, there are reputable concrete cutting contractors available that are both affordable and efficient.

Removing Concrete Sidewalk Hazards When They First Appear

Everyone at some point has walked on an uneven concrete sidewalk. For most people, this is simply an inconvenience and an eyesore but, for many, an uneven sidewalk could be dangerous. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1991 refers to sidewalk trip hazards as a danger for people with disabilities.

A trip hazard is defined by the ADA as any incline that is greater than ¼. The ADA also places the responsibility for addressing concrete trip hazards on the property manager or management company.

When a trip hazard is first detected, the property manager or company must begin contacting reputable concrete repair companies. Finding the right one may seem difficult at first. 

Choosing the Right Sidewalk Trip Hazard Repair Company

A concrete sidewalk hazards repair company must have access to the proper equipment and training. This will ensure that any concrete repair projects are done correctly and the result is of the highest quality.

Fortunately for Florida residents, Florida Sidewalk Solutions is the answer for sidewalk trip hazard repairs. Our team of experienced contractors has access to the latest concrete cutting techniques and equipment. 

Some concrete repair companies will use ineffective and disruptive techniques that cannot compete with the results we provide. This is because they will use techniques, such as sidewalk scrabblers and grinders, to repair sidewalk trip hazards.

Using these techniques will leave unsightly marks and cannot comprehensively repair the sidewalk panel or guarantee ADA compliance. Concrete cutting is a far more effective concrete sidewalk repair option to remove trip hazards

Concrete cutting is the most effective way of repairing trip hazards because every side of the concrete panel can be reached. The result is the removal of all trip hazards, compliance with the ADA, and a much more aesthetically pleasing result.

Concrete cutting will also require less ongoing maintenance and repair of the concrete sidewalk. The sidewalk will continue looking brand new for much longer. 

Using concrete cutting to address concrete sidewalk hazards repair is also much more affordable than completely replacing the sidewalk. Property managers and management companies will be pleased to know that concrete cutting is not as disruptive as other methods.

Contact Florida Sidewalk Solutions today to speak with a knowledgeable team member about your next concrete repair project. 

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Concrete Sidewalk Hazards

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