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Never Neglect Sidewalk Repair to Remove a Trip Hazard

Sidewalk trip hazard repair is one of the most important things you must do as a property manager. Public and commercial properties must understand the liability a sidewalk trip hazard poses to them.

Although sidewalks are designed to last they are still vulnerable to the elements including the wear and tear of daily foot traffic. A trip hazard can quickly form and pose a major risk for pedestrians of all ages.

Continue reading to learn more about why trip hazards on public sidewalks must be quickly addressed. You will also learn why it is recommended that property owners hire a professional sidewalk repair company.

Only a quality sidewalk repair company like Florida Sidewalk Solutions can keep your property’s public sidewalks ADA compliant, safe, and easy to use. If you want to discuss your sidewalk repair project then be sure to visit Florida Sidewalk Solutions today.

Why Trip Hazards Are Dangerous

Many people from all walks of life regularly use public sidewalks to travel through most public spaces. Whether it is someone with a mobility issue, disability, or is completely healthy, any trip hazard can pose a dangerous risk on top of being a nuisance and eyesore.

A public sidewalk that has been heavily neglected will make it difficult for anyone to walk on. This is especially true for individuals suffering from an injury or disability.

The maintenance and upkeep of a public sidewalk are cited in the Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA of 1990. The ADA defines a sidewalk trip hazard as any incline that is greater than ¼.

The act also states that property managers are responsible for sidewalk trip hazard repair on their property. Choosing to neglect trip hazards can lead to major legal and financial issues for any properties.

Repair a Sidewalk Trip Hazard

Replacing a public sidewalk will always cost much more than repairing a trip hazard and will be far more disruptive. Florida Sidewalk Solutions uses the method of concrete cutting because it is the most reliable way to repair a sidewalk trip hazard available.

Many companies will rely on ineffective and disruptive methods including sidewalk scabblers and grinders to address sidewalk trip hazards. These methods often leave unsightly marks or do not fully repair the trip hazard.

The reason we choose concrete cutting is because it can reach every corner of a sidewalk panel. This ensures that any trip hazards are fully repaired while also creating an aesthetically pleasing result.

Our clients have come to understand why we are one of the top sidewalk repair companies in South Florida. Every finished project is completely ADA compliant and will look absolutely great.

A sidewalk trip hazard is much more than just a minor nuisance. Many property managers and companies will prefer to neglect their sidewalk trip hazards in order to save money. Neglecting any sidewalk trip hazard, no matter how minor, can lead to major legal issues.

You must act before a trip hazard causes an injury. The best way to do that is by hiring Florida Sidewalk Solutions. Contact our sidewalk repair contractors today if you have any questions regarding your next sidewalk repair project.

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Sidewalk Repair Trip Hazard

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