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Don’t Wait to Fix a Sidewalk Trip Hazard

The dangers of trip hazards on public sidewalks has many property managers wondering what can be done to repair them. It’s important to fix sidewalk trip hazard problems because of the liability they present as well as their dangers.

Although it is generally true that sidewalks can last a very long time, sidewalk repairs are sometimes necessary. Sidewalk repair options are more practical, affordable, and convenient than the many obstacles associated with replacing concrete sidewalks.

The article below will explore the dangers of trip hazards on public sidewalks. It will also specify the most convenient method to fix a sidewalk trip hazard. If you are looking to repair sidewalk trip hazards in South Florida and wish to speak with a specialist, please contact Florida Sidewalk Solutions.

Dangers of Trip Hazards on Sidewalks

Public sidewalks are used by just about everyone. Sidewalks line most streets, are found in shopping plazas, parking lots, and just about anywhere else that is open to the public. As such, it’s easy to see why uneven and cracked sidewalks are a public safety hazard.

Sidewalk trip hazards, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, are any incline greater than 1/4″. For both safety and legal liability reasons, it’s important to fix sidewalk trip hazard problems before people mistakenly trip on it and injure themselves.

Property management companies and business owners are fully aware of the headaches associated with handling a personal injury case. The cases often end up with settlements that range well into the thousands with the business in charge of maintaining the sidewalk being held legally and financially responsible.

How to Fix a Sidewalk Trip Hazard

The process to replace sidewalks is disruptive, costly, and altogether inconvenient. Fortunately, there are no more practical and cost-effective options available to fix a sidewalk trip hazard. The most reliable method is concrete cutting.

Unlike sidewalk grinders and scabblers, concrete cutters are able to reach every corner or a sidewalk panel, ensuring total ADA compliance. Concrete cutting also results in a more aesthetically pleasing finish when compared to grinding.

If you are a property management group or business owner, having an ADA compliant walkway is necessary. It will help to minimize the liability that sidewalk trip hazards present while increasing safety for all visitors that come to your property.

If you’re ready to schedule a sidewalk trip hazard repair service in South Florida, we can help. Florida Sidewalk Solutions is proud to be regarded as the premier trip hazard removal company in the region.

Contact our trip hazard specialists to schedule a site evaluation at your convenience. Keep the sidewalk and remove the liability before an injury occurs. Call 954-514-7218 today!

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Fix Sidewalk Trip Hazard

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