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Reasons to Consider Commercial Sidewalk Trip Hazard Repair

There are many legitimate reasons to consider commercial sidewalk trip hazard repair. For one, sidewalk trip hazards are simply hazardous to the public. All it takes is one trip and fall accident to incur an ongoing lawsuit between the person injured and the business responsible for the sidewalk.

The repercussions of such a “trip and fall” lawsuit result in a detrimental financial outcome for the likes of many small businesses or property management groups and communities. Case studies show that the average cost of lawsuits of this type can grow well into the tens of thousands.

By contrast, the cost of concrete sidewalk trip hazard repair services is a but a fraction of such settlements. Learn more about the importance of removing sidewalk trip hazards below. If you’re interested in scheduling a sidewalk repair service for trip hazard removal, be sure to contact us at Florida Sidewalk Solutions.

Why Sidewalk Trip Hazards Need to Be Removed

Most of us have experienced a moment where an unseen crack caused us to trip on the sidewalk. It’s never a comfortable experience and, under certain circumstances, can result in a serious injury.

This is especially true for anyone who has limitations with walking. Whether it is the elderly, small children, or someone with a disability, sidewalk trip hazards pose a serious threat to the public. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean they are always repaired.

Most people don’t even consider it important to repair sidewalk trip hazards unless they are an inch or greater. However, the Americans with Disability Act of 1990 defines trip hazards as any incline exceeding 1/4″.

This means that the regulations imposed by the ADA leave all trip hazards a legal liability. The management group or business who is responsible for that property can then be held both legally and financially responsible for any slip and fall accident that happens on their premises.

Commercial Sidewalk Trip Hazard Repair Options

In the past, replacing sidewalk was virtually the only possible method for completely removing trip hazards. In current times, there are more affordable and effective commercial sidewalk trip hazard repair options available.

Although concrete grinding is more practical than full sidewalk replacement, the truth is it rarely guarantees the total removal of the liability. By contrast, advancements in concrete cutting technology now do make that guarantee possible.

For this reason, Florida Sidewalk Solutions is proud to be South Florida’s premier sidewalk repair company for commercial sidewalk trip hazard repair. Please contact us to get a free sidewalk repair estimate if you’d like to learn more about how we can help you keep your sidewalk and remove the liability completely.

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Commercial Sidewalk Trip Hazard Repair

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