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Cracking Sidewalk? No problem!

Cracking Sidewalk? No problem!

If you are dealing with a cracking sidewalk, there are actually a few options you might have. For example, you can go out and buy the necessary supplies if your front porch or driveway has a small crack. You can use a chisel and make the crack wider at the bottom than at the top. You can do this by putting the chisel in the crack, angle it outward, then tap it with a sledge hammer. Once that’s done, clean out the debris with a stiff brush. Crumbs and pebbles will make the concrete patch you will make weak, so it’s crucial to remove debris from the crack. You can then fill the crack with a patching mix which is made from vinyl, cement, and sand. Make the area around the crack damp, spread the mix with a trowel, then smooth the surface. Pop-outs may happen, and you can use a chisel and sledge hammer to address them. You should wet the surface and apply a bonding agent which should stay on for up to 15 minutes. Lastly, you will want to use a putty knife to smooth the surface and pack some anchoring cement into the hole.

Doing things yourself might at first look like you’re saving money, but if something goes wrong, you may have to pay a professional to fix your mistakes, or any accidents that result in your mistakes will cost you a great deal, too. It’s always worth it to have a professional sidewalk repair specialist look at your cracking sidewalk to determine what the best solution is for the problem. Oftentimes, scabblers and grinders won’t be able to do the most efficient job, and if you have a publicly accessible area like a walkway, ramp, or sidewalk as part of your property, then repairs need to be as precise as possible in order to avoid any liability.

Florida Sidewalk Solutions has a patented cutting method that is sure to get the job done right, safely, and clean as well. This makes it the most efficient and cost effective method to fix a cracking sidewalk that will also result in an ADA compliant walkway.

We have 15 years of experience in Florida alone saving cities, communities, homeowners’ associations, schools, and universities hundreds of thousands of dollars in trip and fall lawsuits from a cracking sidewalk. Our number one priority is for your neighborhood or business to remove trip hazard liabilities quickly while keeping the area safe, clean, and accessible to all. Our sidewalk repair specialists are eager to discuss how they can help your repairs, so please call us at 954-514-7218


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