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ADA Compliance Repairs For Your Sidewalk

ADA Compliance Repairs For Your Sidewalk

Making ADA compliance repairs to your sidewalk or walkway can be made easy when you go with Florida Sidewalk Solutions. We are equipped to handle uneven surfaces and are prepared to get rid of any trip hazards from your sidewalk. Our efficient patented cutting technology not only makes the process quick, clean, cost-effective, and also takes very little time with few inconveniences to people using the walkway. It is sure to make ADA compliance repairs all the more possible. Other businesses use grinders and scrabblers, which aren’t able to make precise cuts or repairs, so going with Florida Sidewalk Solutions is a smart choice to make.

There are many benefits to choosing our company to handle your sidewalk repairs, such as removing liability, being cost-effective, having a fast and clean job, leaving an attractive finish, easy to audit, environmentally responsible, ADA compliant, and GIS compatible survey data.

Trying to do it yourself might seem like a good idea if you are already savvy with construction or concrete, but if you own property that is accessible to the public, then making sure everything is up to a certain standard is key. This means that this kind of heavy-duty job might be best left to professionals. Florida Sidewalk Solution’s patented cutting technology makes cuts clean and precise at any angle, whereas with grinding, the slope is not planar and it becomes rough and pitted. By taking precise measurements, we know exactly when to start and end cutting, making ADA compliance repairs that are sure to eliminate trip hazards. And if a trip hazard is caused by cracked concrete located in hard-to-reach places such as gutters or adjacent to a wall, we can still eliminate it without any damage to nearby impediments.

By taking very precise measurements, we can ensure that the start and end of the cut we make will have an ADA compliant slope of 1:12 on sidewalk panels and handicap accessible areas. Our Trip Hazard specialists will ensure zero differential between sidewalk panels as well as collect and recycle to maintain a green solution to your sidewalk repair service as well as remove any liabilities.

Florida Sidewalk Solutions can fix your sidewalk efficiently and is the industry leader in this field. Our process will work with your budget while working to make your sidewalk or walkway with ADA compliance repairs. This is a win-win for you as you can eliminate trip and fall liability by ensuring your sidewalk is leveled and repaired properly. You are sure to save a lot by choosing us, so call us today at


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