Repair Sidewalk Cracks; Repair sidewalk damage
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Repair Sidewalk Damage

Repair Sidewalk Damage

Looking to repair sidewalk damage without spending an alarm or a leg? Contact Florida Sidewalk solutions today! Most people would be more apt to believe repairing existing concrete isn’t an option, that you have to replace your sidewalk or panels entirely. While repairing is extremely important as you want to be ADA compliant, replacing isn’t necessarily the best way to do this. That’s where Florida Sidewalk solutions come in!

Florida Sidewalk Solutions is a contractor that provides best-in-class repair work for your concrete walkways. Our solution provides a patented method to repair sidewalk damage without having to invest in costly panel replacements. Not only will our amazing method return your sidewalk to ADA compliance, but we will in fact leave it better looking than before with n rough edges or unsmooth areas! There have been other options to try sidewalk repair for sure, such as scrabblers and grinders but they all fall short of the clean and amazing look of Florida sidewall Solutions’ amazing cutting process. Besides, one of the main goals here is to remove trip hazards, and well explain what that is and why it’s so important. Grinders will have trouble reaching edges to truly remove hazards, and so in this respect also fall short of Florida sidewalk solutions!

Florida Sidewalk Solutions can remove a trip hazard from virtually any angle and any location, even in hard-to-reach places such as in gutters or adjacent to a wall. You can rest assured our trained professionals will get the job done without any damage to nearby impediments. It also takes very little time with few inconveniences or disturbances to people using the walkway, the surrounding trees, yard, sprinklers, or landscaping.

We employ a team of sidewalk repair contractors and trip hazard inspection specialists. An inspection needs to be done to determine if any of the damages present fall under the category of being a “trip hazard”. If they do, they need to be removed or you will be out of compliance with the ADA. The ADA is the Americans with Disabilities act which was formed in the 1990s in order to provide laws that protect the rights of the disabled pedestrians who use our publicly accessible walkways. These laws ensure that sidewalks And walkways must meet minimum safety standards so that those with locomotive impairment can safely traverse them and be given the opportunity to utilize additional space when needed. If any part of your sidewalk is damaged in such a way that it violates these regulations a few pretty bad things could happen. For one, the ADA can fine you quite heavily if there’s an inspection. But the most important thing to prevent is injury. Trip hazards are fine by the ADA because of how dangerous they can be, especially for those with disabilities.

If yu need us to repair sidewalk damage, don’t hesitate and call Florida Sidewalk Solutions today!

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