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Concrete Repairs vs Replacement

Concrete Repairs vs Replacement

For homeowners and business owners alike, Concrete Repairs vs Replacement is a legitimate concern and should be thought about carefully and concisely.  While concrete is one of the most durable and affordable construction materials sidewalk specialist can use, there is still a lot of people who don’t know enough about it. It is an incredibly dependable material people use for driveways, garage flooring, or as a foundation for a new building. So when should we start debating Concrete Repairs vs Replacement?


Repairing concrete used to be more expensive than just replacing it, but there are different technologies and procedures that allow for more options to repair. In fact, sometimes it is the best option, whether because it’s more affordable, cleaner, or quicker.


What one needs to consider is whether the repairs will affect the integrity of the concrete. If that is the case, then replacing it might be a more viable option. After all, after so many repairs, one can’t just expect the concrete to still have the same durability it once had. It wears out over time and can be affected by weather and temperature. A good rule of thumb is if the concrete needs more than two inches of material to repair, then it might be a good idea to replace it altogether.


Other than saving money in the long run, another benefit of repairing concrete rather than replacing is avoiding the old and broken concrete from finding its way into a landfill. Sidewalk leveling basically assures that there’s little to no waste products. And a great example of clean concrete leveling services is the cutting method. Using a cutting method, such as the patented method by Concrete Repairs vs Replacement specialist Florida Sidewalk Solutions, means reaching the very edges of a sidewalk, removing trip hazards from virtually any angle, leaving an ADA-compliant slope, taking little time, and leaving a safe, clean-cut walking path with the finishes finish with few inconveniences to you.


As always, whenever you are working with concrete it’s a good idea to consult with a professional. A good concrete company will tell you exactly what you need and whether to consider Concrete Repairs vs Replacement. Florida Sidewalk Solutions is just the place to contact for your walkway repairs. They are the leaders in concrete cutting and leveling with 15 years of experience in removing trip hazards and helping Florida communities save money on sidewalk repairs.

Florida Sidewalk Solutions believes repairs are almost always the best route to go over replacements, we will make sure your concrete walkways are restored to their proper ADA compliant status!

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