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There are many benefits to having regular Sidewalk inspection and repair, especially if done by a reliable sidewalk repair specialist. A safe walkway is one that doesn’t have obstructions like debris or hazardous materials (such as broken glass or other sharp objects). Basically, if there are any hindrances that could injure a person, then a Sidewalk inspection and repair specialist can ensure it gets noted and subsequently dealt with.


Although whoever is responsible for the sidewalk, whether a home or business owner, should always be checking for any noticeable damage like cracks, some things can go unnoticed by the untrained eye. And it is incredibly crucial to those who would be traversing it that they do not trip or fall as a result of these hazards. An inspection could also result in the recommendation that aides such as ramps should be added in to facilitate wheelchair users in the future.


A big part of sidewalk maintenance is having an inspector ensure that the walkway is safe enough for anyone to walk on. After all, how will someone know how to many the sidewalk better if the inspection wasn’t done, to begin with? If fewer people have an accident and fewer injuries occur this means an owner can reduce liability in the long run as well.


A sidewalk inspection means looking out for several hazardous materials and occurrences such as cracked pavement, tree roots poking through the concrete, holes, protruding objects, ice, snow, and rain, chemical spills, miscellaneous objects, litter, leftover construction materials, and more. Any of these examples can cause a slip and fall injury as well as becomes incredibly inaccessible for a disabled person who uses walking aids. By performing regular quality checks, a sidewalk inspector can make things easier for the sidewalk owner.


Even sidewalk traffic can be a factor when it comes to what a Sidewalk inspection and repair specialist looks out for. If a walkway is in a busy intersection, it is especially crucial to have ADA compliance since all kinds of people, including those in wheelchairs and walkers, are due to walk on them. This is also true for sidewalks that are accessible to cyclists. One shard of glass can pop a bicycle’s tire and cause the cyclist to have a horrible accident, especially if adjacent to the road.


Nine times out of ten, having the right Sidewalk inspection and repair company to oversee your sidewalk job is key to keeping people safe and saving you from liability and other costs down the road.

If your sidewalk or walkway is in need of repair, don’t wait until it’s too late and somebody gets hurt- call Florida Sidewalk Solutions today!

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