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South Florida Sidewalk Repairs

South Florida Sidewalk Repairs

A concrete pathway can be built to be very strong, but it still has weaknesses that may need the aid of regular South Florida Sidewalk Repairs. The benefits of building anything with concrete include increased durability, low maintenance, its ability to not rust, rot, or burn, it absorbs heat, wind and water resistance, and effective soundproofing, among other things. It’s no wonder why it gets used often for construction projects such as walkways. So when damage is done to concrete, then property owners need to procure South Florida Sidewalk Repairs in order for them to be walkable again.


When it comes to sidewalk damage, whoever is the property owner, and therefore, responsible, should act right away once the damage is noticed. If it’s not handled as soon as possible, there is the likelihood that a liability issue could occur, the property value may decrease, or it can result in a fine. Sidewalks are used constantly as they are high-traffic areas that help people travel safely around their town or city. Being up-to-date with codes and standards should be a top priority for a property manager.


The damage in question can be the result of just about anything, from the age of your walkway, to the shifting and settling of the very ground it’s on, and especially tree roots growing underneath it. Displaced slabs can make things very difficult as it can happen quite often, but before you assume that the only option is a complete sidewalk replacement, you should contact the professionals.


There are actually a few options to make South Florida Sidewalk Repairs without replacing it, such as the cutting method. Patented by the experts at Florida Sidewalk Solutions, this particular method does an excellent job of removing trip hazards from a sidewalk in a very clean and efficient manner. With minimal disturbance to the surrounding area, Florida Sidewalk Solutions can perform South Florida Sidewalk Repairs by strategically cutting as near to the trip hazard as possible and leaving both an ADA and OSHA-compliant slope. Their repairs are cost-effective, easy to audit, and leave an attractive finish.


Florida Sidewalk Solutions has been serving the South Florida area for 15 years, saving cities, communities, schools, and home owner’s associations so much money in liability lawsuits. They proudly provide service to counties including Miami Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, Charlotte, Monroe, Collier, Hendry, Lee, and Glades. If you are in need of the best sidewalk repair services, you will be in the best hands. Call 954-514-7218 for any questions.

Florida Sidewalk Solutions believes repairs are almost always the best route to go over replacements, we will make sure your concrete walkways are restored to their proper ADA compliant status!

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