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ADA Complaince

ADA Regulation Checklist

ADA Regulation Checklist

When contacting someone about your sidewalk repairs, you know you have chosen the best one for the job when they have consulted an ADA Regulation Checklist and have committed to making a walkable space safe for everyone. It is incredibly important to not only cater to able-bodied people when city planning, building ramps or fixing broken infrastructure. There are countless people who need mobility aids and other assistive devices to get around and live day-to-day. This is why an ADA Regulation Checklist is made to ensure everyone involved in the building or repairing of public spaces is aware of making an accessible space for all.


Physical public areas that people have to walk to and from aren’t even the only areas that need to worry about ADA compliance. Even websites have to be accessible in their own way and adhere to certain policies in order to make them accessible. The ADA, the Americans with Disabilities Act, states that all electronic and information technologies, such as websites, must be available to people with disabilities. This includes the ability for a program to recite the text on the screen to someone who is blind, having closed captions on videos for those who are deaf, etc.


This is especially important if the organization is a state and local government agency, private employer, or business who serve the public. The general rule of thumb is that if the organization is a necessity for someone, it should accessible to everyone. Even people with disabilities have a right to all the things able-bodied people have rights to, which is why everyone needs to keep that in mind when making repairs to places they will pass through.


On the topic of walkways, paths, ramps, and public sidewalks, there are specific regulations in place to ensure that people with mobility aids will have no issues traveling on. Ramps cannot be too steep and cannot lack appropriate marked access aisles and signage. An ADA-compliant slope, for example, should be a 1:12 ratio. Clear spaces need to be made next to doors so that people in wheelchairs can reach the door handle as well.


When it comes to following a strict ADA Regulation Checklist, you can depend on the professionals at Florida Sidewalk Solutions to deliver the cleanest and most precise job possible. You don’t have to worry about a liability issue ever again by ensuring the repairs of your sidewalk adhere to your own standards but also a ADA Regulation Checklist. If you need a sidewalk repaired the right way, call 954-514-7218 for a consultation today.

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