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Importance Of Commercial Sidewalk Repairs

Commercial sidewalk repairs can help to improve the safety and appearance of a property. Most importantly, sidewalk trip hazard repair can also prevent an expensive trip and fall lawsuit from occurring.

Crumbling and broken concrete must be addressed sooner than later. Not only are they unsightly in appearance, but sidewalk trip hazards can also be dangerous for visitors using the path.

Fixing sidewalk cracks and trip hazards is the responsibility of the property owner. If someone is injured, the owner or business can be sued for damages. This makes sidewalk trip hazards a significant liability.

Read below to learn more about the importance of repairing sidewalk trip hazards. If you wish to schedule an appointment with a sidewalk repair company in Florida, contact Florida Sidewalk Solutions today.

Why Commercial Sidewalk Repairs Are Needed

The primary reason sidewalk cracks begin forming is due to the ground beneath the concrete moving. Usually, this is caused by natural elements, like excess water pooling, and more.

Once sidewalk cracks begin forming, more water is able to enter making the problem worse. Although quick DIY sidewalk repairs with patching compounds are tempting it is not permanent.

Quick sidewalk repairs will only help with fixing sidewalk cracks temporarily. For long-term commercial sidewalk repairs involves concrete cutting, grinding, and complete replacement.

Fixing Sidewalk Trip Hazards in Florida

There are a few methods available for repairing sidewalk trip hazards. One of which is complete sidewalk replacement. 

Unfortunately, complete sidewalk replacement is an expensive and disruptive job. It also can only be done professionally. Concrete cutting is the most preferred method. 

Concrete cutting technology has advanced to the point that it has become widely recognized. Unlike concrete grinding, cutting can be done at any angle and so that no part of the trip hazard is missed.

Best of all concrete cutting offers complete ADA compliance unlike other methods used for commercial sidewalk repairs. 

Professional Sidewalk Trip Hazard Repairs

Florida Sidewalk Solutions is a sidewalk maintenance and repair company that offers concrete cutting. Our experts can ensure sidewalks and walkways stay looking great and are ADA compliant. 

For more information or to receive a free estimate, please contact Florida Sidewalk Solutions at 954-514-7218  today. 

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Commercial Sidewalk Repairs

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