Remove Trip Hazard On Sidewalk
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Remove Trip Hazard On Sidewalk

Have you wondered how to remove a trip hazard on a sidewalk in the past? Trip hazards are dangerous and pose a risk to anyone using your sidewalk or walkway. Especially the elderly, disabled, and children.

Unfortunately, many property owners neglect trip hazards until there has been an accident. This can open them up to liabilities that can end up costing more than trip hazard removal.

Trip hazards form over time with wear and tear associated with usage of the sidewalk. Property owners and management companies have a number of options available for removing trip hazards. 

The best way to fix sidewalk cracks and trip hazards caused by uneven concrete is to hire a sidewalk repair company. Specifically, a company that specializes in sidewalk trip hazard repair

Florida Sidewalk Solutions is a professional sidewalk repair company. We specialize in removing trip hazards in order to create ADA compliant sidewalks and walkways. 

Below is a detailed explanation of how we remove a trip hazard on a sidewalk with concrete cutting. Contact Florida Sidewalk Solutions to discuss fixing your property’s sidewalk panels. 

How We Remove Trip Hazard on Sidewalk 

Florida Sidewalk Solutions sets itself apart through the process we use to fix uneven concrete walkways and cracks. Our technicians have the equipment, training, and resources necessary. 

We are able to achieve quality results by using concrete cutting. This method is known as the most effective technique for removing trip hazards and repairing uneven sidewalk panels. 

Replacing sidewalk panels, pouring fresh concrete, or using concrete grinders have their limitations. They can be expensive, disruptive, time-consuming, and cannot ensure ADA compliance. 

Most of our sidewalk repair projects are ready to use the same day. Additionally, Florida Sidewalk Solutions stands by our projects with a complete satisfaction guarantee. 

Some of the benefits of using concrete cutting include:

  • Cheaper than pouring fresh concrete
  • Cheaper than renting equipment
  • All liability is completely removed
  • ADA compliant slopes
  • Non-toxic and environmentally-friendly
  • Completely level, non-slip surface
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Repair Sidewalk Trip Hazards With Florida Sidewalk Solutions

Florida Sidewalk Solutions has been operating in Florida for over fifteen years. Our technicians are trained to repair sidewalks and have experience with precision concrete cutting. 

We have experience restoring sidewalks found throughout the local community. Our previous clients include municipalities, HOAs, schools, and more who regularly rely on us. 

If you would like to speak with a representative about scheduling to remove a trip hazard on a sidewalk, please call 954-514-7218. Be sure to also ask for a free estimate of the cost to fix sidewalk hazards in your area. 

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Remove Trip Hazard On Sidewalk

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