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Considering Commercial Sidewalk Maintenance

Commercial sidewalk maintenance is an important service that can provide your property with a number of benefits. The most important benefit that sidewalk maintenance can provide is removing trip hazards that can pose a serious risk to pedestrians on your property.

A sidewalk trip hazard is not just a nuisance that makes it difficult to walk on the sidewalk. It can actually end up injuring someone and leave you vulnerable to lawsuits. A single trip and fall lawsuit can be devastating for businesses and property management companies.

The average cost of this type of lawsuit can reach tens of thousands of dollars, leaving your business or property management company financially crippled. In comparison, quality sidewalk trip hazard repair services cost just a fraction of what a lawsuit settlement may cost. 

The following article will highlight why it is so important to address sidewalk trip hazards as soon as they appear. If you have any other questions or would like to schedule a sidewalk repair service to remove trip hazards in South Florida, contact Florida Sidewalk Solutions

Removing Sidewalk Trip Hazards

Everyone has at some point had to walk on an uneven or cracked sidewalk. Although it is an extremely uncomfortable experience, it can also result in a major injury.

This is especially true for people with mobility issues and injuries, such as the elderly, small children, and the disabled. Sidewalk trip hazards are such a concern that the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 or ADA specifically addresses the issue. 

According to the ADA, a trip hazard is defined as any incline that exceeds ¼ inches. The property management group or business is completely responsible for addressing the trip hazard with ongoing commercial sidewalk maintenance.

All trip hazards pose a major legal liability for property management companies. It is never recommended that trip hazards be neglected or left to get worse. It will only be a matter of time before someone gets hurt. 

Commercial Sidewalk Maintenance Options

In previous years, replacing a sidewalk was the only way to properly address a sidewalk trip hazard. Replacing the sidewalk panels was a time consuming, expensive, and disruptive process.

Fortunately, new methods have been developed that can remove trip hazards with little disruption. One of these methods is known as concrete grinding. 

Using concrete grinding, however, is not always guaranteed to completely remove all sidewalk trip hazards. The end result of concrete grinding is also known to be unsightly leaving visible marks throughout the sidewalk panel.

Although this method is much more affordable than sidewalk replacement, it is far from the best choice. In recent years, concrete cutting has become the premier standard for commercial sidewalk maintenance to repair trip hazards. 

Concrete cutting is an affordable and extremely effective method for guaranteeing that all sidewalk trip hazards are removed. Only a skilled and trained sidewalk repair company has the resources and expertise to properly perform concrete cutting.

This is why Florida Sidewalk Solutions is the best choice for repairing sidewalk trip hazards with concrete cutting in the South Florida area. Contact us today for a free sidewalk repair estimate and to learn more about keeping your sidewalk safe from liability 

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Commercial Sidewalk Maintenance

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