Sidewalk Repairs Near Me
Sidewalk Repairs

Sidewalk Repairs Near Me

There are several important reasons to begin a search for Sidewalk Repairs Near Me. First of all, sidewalk trip hazards are serious danger to anyone walking on the property. It only takes one trip and fall accident for an injured person to open a serious lawsuit that the business will most likely be responsible for.

The repercussions of “trip and fall” lawsuits end up becoming a severe financial problem for small business owners and property management groups. In fact, the normal amount of such legal suits like this typically end up costing businesses tens of thousands.

In contrast to this, the price for sidewalk repairs near me will only be a small price to pay compared to such settlements. Continue reading on to discover more about the importance of repairing sidewalk trip hazards. To obtain a sidewalk repair service for trip hazards, contact Florida Sidewalk Solutions for help.

Why do Sidewalk Trip Hazards Need to Be Repaired?

Most people are all too familiar with situations where tiny cracks cause them to trip while walking on a walkway. It is an uncomfortable, sometimes even an embarrassing scene, and can end up potentially causing serious injury.

This is much too true for people that have trouble walking. From the elderly, a small child, or people living with some sort of disability know that sidewalk trip hazards can pose a serious threat to their safety and wellbeing. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean they are always repaired.

Many people don’t even take into account how important repairing sidewalk trip hazards are, often ignoring them completely until they are at least an inch or bigger. Did you know that the Americans with Disability Act of 1990 defines trip hazards as any incline greater than 1/4″?

That means that the ADA sidewalk regulations can make sidewalk trip hazards a significant liability. Property management groups or businesses that are liable for the property can then be held both legally and financially responsible for every slip and fall accident that occurs on their property.

Sidewalk Repairs Near Me

Before, replacing a sidewalk in full was more or less the only way that removing all trip hazards was possible. Today, however, there are many more affordable and convenient sidewalk trip hazard repair options available.

Although concrete grinding is more modest than completely replacing sidewalks, it still will not guarantee the liability is completely removed. In comparison, new progress in concrete cutting technology now makes that guarantee truly possible.

For this reason, Florida Sidewalk Solutions is proud to be South Florida’s top sidewalk repair company for sidewalk trip hazard repair and beyond. Please contact us to get a free sidewalk repair estimate if you’d like to learn more about how we can help keep your sidewalk safe and remove the liability completely.

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Sidewalk Repairs Near Me


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