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How To Have An ADA Compliant Sidewalk

If you are a business owner, there is a high chance that you have heard the words “ADA compliant” before. But you may not know exactly what this means and how an ADA compliant sidewalk is beneficial to you. Florida Sidewalk Solutions has thirteen years of experience in helping businesses and neighborhoods achieve ADA compliance and fully serve their patrons and inhabitants. 


What Is ADA Compliance?

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (often abbreviated simply to ADA) is a piece of civil rights legislation passed during the first Bush Administration. It introduced widespread federal protections for Americans with disabilities. Among other things, the comprehensive bill includes requirements for reasonable accommodations by employers and telecommunication entities and, most applicable for our purposes, imposed criteria for physical access to local public institutions. In 2008, the ADA Amendments Act was signed into law. The policies outlined in the ADA are as important today as ever. Approximately 20% of Americans have some form of disability and this number is only rising. These guidelines have proved helpful as no two cases of a disability manifest in the same way. ADA compliance ensures that your business is providing the best possible service to all those looking to visit.


What are the requirements for an ADA Compliant Sidewalk?  

To begin, sidewalks must be at least 3 feet in width. However, if a sidewalk is less than 5 feet across and needs to meet compliance requirements, there must be areas to allow for passing. If there is an obstacle such as a fire hydrant or sign, there must be at least 3 feet between the edge of the sidewalk and the obstruction to allow easy circumnavigation. Sidewalks must be slip-resistant and, to not be considered a ramp, maintain 1:20 or less slope in all areas. There are also additional requirements regarding cross slopes, curb ramps, grates set into the sidewalk, etc. 

Even sidewalks that were once ADA compliant may no longer be if they have not been properly maintained. In colder climates, the freezing and thawing of standing water can create or exacerbate cracks. Tree roots can often crack and raise sections of the sidewalk as well.  


Why is ADA Compliance Essential?

If you are the owner of a private business with more than 15 employees, a non-profit, or business catering to the public, it is likely that ADA compliance applies to you. Failure to abide by the requirements set forth can lead to substantial fines and even lawsuits. Sidewalks are one of the business’ most-used and public spaces. As such, they should be given priority when working towards full adherence to the ADA.  Most importantly, a compliant sidewalk helps your business or neighborhood properly and freely serve all members in your community. Under Sections 44 and 190 of the IRS Tax Code, certain businesses qualify for tax incentives to help counterbalance the costs associated with retrofitting your property to be ADA compliant.  


How Can Florida Sidewalk Solutions Help? 

Florida Sidewalk Solution, a Precision Concrete Cutting Affiliate, is staffed by a team of remarkable technicians who employ patented trip hazard removal technology. This not only makes sidewalks ADA compliant but removes trip hazards for any citizens using your walkway. Take a look at a Florida Sidewalk Solutions ADA compliant sidewalk repair timelapse. Or you can schedule an appointment with one of our expert technicians today!

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ADA Compliant Sidewalk

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