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Damaged Walkway? Repair it with FSS!

Damaged Walkway? Repair it with FSS!

It’s common to think that you need to replace part or all of your concrete with a damaged walkway, but this isn’t always the best option at all. Instead, when faced with a damaged walkway you should call Florida Sidewalk Solutions.

With us, you’ll be at an advantage as our service provides repair options rather than replacements, something rather unheard of in concrete laying. Since we utilize an advanced cutting method that is sure to resolve any trip hazards on your walkway or sidewalk, you won’t have to worry about costly replacements. You can keep your sidewalk, save some money, and still have a fantastic ADA-compliant walkway you can be proud of.

Trip hazard liability can be a huge issue, that is of course unless you working with us! Our patented methods are the most effective, economical, and environmentally clean solution available. Our cutting method is more cost-effective and effective than grinders since grinders can’t reach the edges of a sidewalk in order to level it properly. Both grinders and scrabblers also might not be able to deliver the right kind of finishing you need to get the job done right or leave it ADA compliant, which is very important.

It’s important to understand that while walkways are for everyone, many times they are utilized by those with locomotion impairments. This creates specific situations that must be addressed in order to ensure that these pedestrian pathways are safe for all, not just the able-bodied.

The Americans with Disabilities Act was created to put the liability for ensuring a pathway is considered safe on the property owner and manager. There are sets of rules and guidelines all walkways and sidewalks, along with ramps stairs, and more must adhere to to be considered ADA compliant.

One example of this is the minimum width of any walkway panel, which must be 36 inches or wider. On top of this, if a sidewalk is less than 60 inches across, passing spaces must be constructed at set intervals. These passing spaces must measure at least 60 inches on all sides and must be located at least every 200 feet. Not only that, but the texture has to be slip-resistant, firm, and stable, so the way you finish the concrete has to be taken into consideration whether repairing or constructing a sidewalk. The slope of the walkway also has to be less than a ratio of 1:12 (meaning that for every inch of the vertical rise there must be 12 horizontal inches).

According to ADA compliance: the sidewalk must be constructed to allow the minimum width requirement of 36 inches between the edge of obstruction and the edge of the sidewalk, so constructing or repairing a sidewalk located near telephone poles, traffic signal cabinets or other utilities and infrastructure would have to be taken into consideration.

Florida Sidewalk Solutions is the industry leader in damaged sidewalk repair. Our process will work with your budget while working to make your damaged sidewalk or walkway ADA compliant. By ensuring your sidewalk is leveled and repaired properly, you can eliminate the risk of trips and falls. You can save a lot of time and money, so call us today at…


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