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Dangers Of Neglecting Sidewalk Crack Repair

It is important to quickly repair a sidewalk crack when it first appears. Neglecting to do so can do more than create an eyesore. Sidewalk trip hazards pose a danger to anyone who walks on the sidewalk or walkway. As a property owner or management company, it is your responsibility to maintain the safety and condition of the sidewalk surfaces on the property. 

Continue reading to learn more about sidewalk trip hazards and why they pose a serious danger to pedestrians and the property itself. If you are interested in learning more about sidewalk trip hazard repair or would like a free estimate, please contact Florida Sidewalk Solutions today. 

Importance Of Sidewalk Crack Repair


If a sidewalk is cracked or damaged, anyone who walks on it could be injured. It is very easy for the toe of a shoe to get caught in a crack and cause a fall or a trip. Similarly, if a crack is large enough, someone could easily twist their ankle or become injured in other ways.

Typically, when a sidewalk is cracked, parts of it will crumble away and create trip hazards. A damaged sidewalk poses an especially dangerous hazard for the elderly, those with disabilities, and young children. 


Lawsuits are a major concern for properties both commercial and residential. If someone trips and falls, there is a possibility that they could be seriously injured. If someone is hurt badly enough, there is nothing stopping them from filing a lawsuit against you. A lawsuit can easily end up being more expensive than simply seeking sidewalk crack repair. 

Repairing Sidewalk Trip Hazards

The best way to prevent a serious injury or a lawsuit is to remove any trip hazards present. Trip hazards should be addressed as soon as they are noticed to avoid any potential injuries. There are a number of options available for trip hazard removal that property owners can consider. 

One way to completely remove trip hazards is by replacing the affected sidewalk panel. Although sidewalk removal and replacement will completely remove trip hazards, it has drawbacks. For one, removing the sidewalk will take time and will cause a major disruption. Additionally, sidewalk removal and replacement is an expensive trip hazard removal option. 

Concrete grinding and scabblers are also a popular choice. Renting the necessary equipment can be very expensive. Concrete grinders and scabblers also leave unsightly marks on the sidewalk surface. It is important to also remember that these methods will not guarantee ADA compliance. 

Concrete cutting is the best sidewalk crack repair method thanks to its effectiveness, affordability, and convenience. It uses precision cutting tools to completely remove any trip hazards present while ensuring compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Concrete cutting requires a professional sidewalk repair company to properly perform. 

Professional Sidewalk Crack Repair

If you are interested in sidewalk crack repair that will keep your sidewalks and walkways safe and looking great, Florida Sidewalk Solution can help. We are dedicated professionals that can remove trip hazards and ensure ADA compliance using precision concrete cutting equipment.

Please contact us or call 954-514-7218 today to learn more and to receive a free estimate. 

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Repair Sidewalk Crack

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