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Concrete Walkway Repairs

If you are a contractor or business owner, it will benefit you to recognize everything you need to know about sidewalks and how a professional can perform Concrete Walkway Repairs efficiently for your sidewalk. To start with, you’ll notice that sidewalks and paths are just about everywhere you go. They are adjacent to roads, connect to buildings, and can be part of a recreational park or even a busy city plaza. In order for Concrete Walkway Repairs to be made to city and property management standards, they also have to be clean, accessible to all, and safe.


Property owners can be held liable for any injuries sustained due to scattered debris or if the sidewalk is damaged, which is why there are usually municipal codes in place for holding people accountable for having regular maintenance and repairs done to the walkways. In fact, if the height difference between two sidewalk sections is over three-fourths of an inch, if the concrete is broke, or if the condition of the sidewalk is considered dangerous in any way, then a property owner should seriously consider repairing or even replacing the sidewalk so it is safe to walk on again.


Replacing a sidewalk can be very expensive though, and one way you can save money is by calling a company like Florida Sidewalk Solutions to perform Concrete Walkway Repairs that save you both money and liability. If dealing with city ordinances, you already have to pay for tree removal and wait to get it approved as well as have the whole thing inspected before and after it is finished. Dealing with all of this means that saving money and time on the method at which the sidewalk is repaired will go a long way.


Florida Sidewalk Solutions has a patented cutting method that will change the way you look at Concrete Walkway Repairs. If you’re worried about the placement of a trip hazard being near a tree, corner, or other obstructions, this approach can very easily get as close to an edge as possible. There is virtually no job that is too complex for them as they are used to having to make ADA-compliant slopes, OSHA compliant slip-resistant paths, while collecting and recycling any debris in order to make this a more ecologically-friendly option.


If you need a fast, clean, professional, cost-effective way to get rid of trip hazards and repair your concrete walkways, Florida Sidewalk Solutions should be your first choice. They are the industry leaders in this patented technology. See for yourself by calling Florida Sidewalk Solutions Today!

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