HOA and Community Sidewalk Repair
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HOA and Community Sidewalk Repair

HOA and Community Sidewalk repair is important to consider whenever trip sidewalk hazards are present on a property. Danger awaits many unsuspecting visitors who injure themselves from a fall caused by cracked, broken, or irregular sidewalks, Sidewalks, and walking surfaces.

It is amazing so many of these dangerous surfaces exist when sidewalk trip hazard repair services are more efficient and affordable than ever. Sidewalk trip hazards may be encountered in such residential or HOA and Community places as an apartment complex, condominium common area, shopping center, parking lot, motel or hotel, grocery store, big-box store, restaurant, as well as a gas or service station.

Why Repair Sidewalk Trip Hazards?

The owner or responsible management group of a business or HOA and Community premises owes a duty of reasonable care to those lawfully on their property. That includes a responsibility to keep their property reasonably safe.

Businesses must ignore fall or tripping hazards on sidewalks. Sidewalk trip hazard repair should be considered once trip hazards are discovered. The business or property management group may be held liable when these hazards exist and someone falls and is injured as a result.

Fall and trip hazards on HOA and Community Sidewalks are dangerous because they are not always seen before someone falls on them. Too often, someone’s attention is diverted because of other common distractions.

They may also exist where there is no adequate lighting, thus making them even more difficult to perceive.

When HOA and Community Sidewalk Repair is Necessary

There is little excuse for sidewalk trip hazards to exist. They have been prohibited by a variety of regulations for decades, including the Florida Building Code, Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Life Safety Code, as well as local building codes and other standards.

These regulations are similar in prohibiting any change in elevation on a walking surface of as little as 1/4″. Dangerous changes of elevation include a broken or crushed sidewalk, an unmarked drop-off that is not as high as a standard curb, a depression, an eroded area, or a raised area commonly caused by a tree root growing beneath a sidewalk slab.

Any such defect is a dangerous hazard because it is difficult to detect and can easily cause someone to fall.

Sidewalk Trip Hazard Repair in South Florida

If you are a business owner or part of a property management proud responsible for an HOA and Community premises, it’s important to know when to consider HOA and Community Sidewalk repair. Fortunately, for sidewalk trip hazard repair services in South Florida, an affordable and effective solution is available.

Florida Sidewalk Solutions is a sidewalk repair company in South Florida serving the various cities and towns making up the region. We perform HOA and Community Sidewalk repair services to remove trip hazards from properties using concrete cutting, which is widely regarded as the most efficient method to ensure ADA-compliant sidewalks.

Contact our sidewalk repair contractors to schedule a free estimate at your property soon.

HOA and Community Sidewalk Repair

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