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If you’re looking to start designing, remodeling, or rethinking a sidewalk, you must know what zones and recommended actions you must take before performing South Florida Concrete Repair. Sidewalks are a critical part of a city and community, as they are a crucial and important part of social, economic, and even environmental prosperity. They have been shown to enhance public health and create social capital.


It is recommended that a sidewalk have a minimum 5′ x 5′ section in order to meet ADA accessibility requirements as well as minimum sidewalk area requirements. The cities that have specified much wider walkways have also mandated that these be wide enough for two persons to walk side by side. So in the case of any consideration of South Florida Concrete Repair, you must provide sufficient room for pedestrians if the area is expected to be highly utilized. You also need to take into account the provision of trash cans, bus stops, signage, or bike share stations if applicable.


You must take into account the sidewalk’s zones in order to determine whether your walkway repair meets all of your criteria. For example, the Frontage zone is the area that acts as an extension of the building the sidewalk faces, the Pedestrian Through zone is the primary, accessible path that runs parallel to the street, the Street Furniture Curb zone is in the area between the curb, the Through zone where you can put up amenities such as lighting, benches, utility poles, and so on, and finally, there is the Enhancement zone, the area immediately adjacent to the sidewalk that consists of curb extensions, parklets, stormwater, parking, and bike lanes.


It’s critical to understand these zones if you’re going to perform any repairs since every one of these has a role and a function in accordance with how busy your sidewalk is on a daily basis. As well as obeying ADA regulations and any county-specific standards, you should also follow your own preferences in how you want to use this area to carry out business. According to studies, good pedestrian walkability can positively affect the profit of land, too.


Our South Florida Concrete Repair specialists are the leaders in the concrete cutting industry, saving cities, towns, homeowners’ associations, schools, and universities hundreds of thousands of dollars as a result of trip hazards. The number one priority of Florida Sidewalk Solutions is keeping your neighborhood safe, clean, and accessible to all, regardless of the circumstances. If you need South Florida Concrete Repair services, call us at 954-514-7218 to speak with our specialists today.

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