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Problems Caused By Uneven Concrete Sidewalk

An uneven concrete sidewalk can pose a dangerous hazard to the public. Properties are responsible for the upkeep of their concrete sidewalks and walkways.

Although fixing uneven sidewalks and removing trip hazards can seem expensive, the injuries and possible liabilities from an injury are worse. It is important to fix any issues immediately.

An uneven sidewalk can cause a number of common accidents. These common accidents can occur to anyone but are especially dangerous for certain members of the public.

Everyone knows how uncomfortable it can be to walk on an uneven sidewalk. Avoiding trip hazards can be especially challenging for the very young, seniors, and those with disabilities or injuries.

Repairing uneven sidewalks and removing trip hazards is more than making the walkways look better. It can drastically improve the safety of a property.

Many people rely on sidewalks to get around properties. They are also used for a variety of activities including dog walking, bicycle riding, children playing, and more.

Because sidewalks are so heavily used, it is easy to understand why they should be maintained. Below are some of the common accidents that can occur on an uneven concrete sidewalk.

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Common Accidents From An Uneven Sidewalk

As previously mentioned, not all sidewalks are properly maintained as well as they should be. Cracks can go unnoticed, small potholes can form, and uneven sidewalks can develop.

All of these examples pose an injury risk to anyone who tries to use them. Below are some common accidents that can occur on uneven sidewalks include:

  • Stepping into a gap or pothole in the concrete
  • Tripping and falling over an exposed piece of pavement
  • Being knocked off a bicycle or skateboard because of an uneven surface
  • Losing balance after stepping on a large crack in the sidewalk

Any of these accidents could result in sprains, scrapes, pulled muscles, or even broken bones. Children and the elderly are especially at risk of an injury. Property owners are liable for any injuries.

Anyone injured on an uneven concrete sidewalk could have legal grounds to pursue a personal injury lawsuit. Property can lose thousands to a lawsuit or fines from an injury.

Fixing An Uneven Concrete Sidewalk
Unfortunately, complete sidewalk replacement is a costly and disruptive way to remove trip hazards. It’s also not difficult to do on your own. Concrete cutting is the best option.

Concrete cutting is widely recognized as the best method for sidewalk trip hazard repair. Unlike concrete grinding, cutting can be done at any angle and so that no part of the trip hazard is missed, ensuring complete ADA compliance.

If you are interested in repairing uneven concrete sidewalks and removing trip hazards, please contact the experts at Florida Sidewalk Solutions. South Florida Sidewalk Repair

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