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ADA Complaince

ADA Compliance Assessment

ADA Compliance Assessment


In the grand scheme of things, everyone who is providing a public service or is responsible for a public area needs to prepare for an ADA Compliance Assessment. Individuals like landlords, property owners, employers, and so on, have to ensure that barriers that impede on the rights of disabled people are removed, or that aid is provided when necessary. Able-bodied people shouldn’t be the only ones who get to go out, cross the street safely, have access to reading or writing, and so on. An ADA Compliance Assessment can determine whether something keeps disabled people in mind or not.


Indeed, there are many things that able-bodied people find very easy to do and second nature, so they don’t think twice whether there is someone else in the world that isn’t able to access these things in the same simple way. This does not mean that a property owner has the excuse of being ignorant on this topic since it is their responsibility to ensure all individuals have access to the same thing.


When it comes to publicly-accessed areas, such as buildings, public parks, and even sidewalks, ramps have to be put in place alongside (or sometimes instead of) stairs. It can’t be just any ramp, though, it must be at a 1:12 ratio or no greater than an 8.33% slope. During the construction process of a new building, these requirements should be kept in mind so that everybody will have access to a building or location at the time of its finalized construction.


When sidewalks or walkways develop cracks or trip hazards, on the other hand, these can become to just about anyone, but it can be especially dangerous and inconvenient to someone who uses walking aids such as wheelchairs. As a property owner, it’s not as simple as calling just anyone to fill in the crack or smooth it down. For starters, some methods of repairing concrete walkways can be incredibly expensive on their own. If you could hire someone that could meet the requirements of an ADA Compliance Assessment while also helping you avoid a serious liability issue, then that would be the company to call.


Florida Sidewalk Solutions are specialists that not only specialize in ADA Compliance Assessment requirements but also have the expertise to make repairs to your sidewalk quicker and cleaner than most other professionals in the industry. Their patented cutting method can remove trip hazards with minimal disruption to the area around it, this way you don’t have to completely replace your sidewalk. For the best in sidewalk repair, call Florida Sidewalk Solutions at 954-514-7218 today.


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