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Reasons to Repair Sidewalk Trip Hazards in Fort Myers

Are you considering sidewalk trip hazards repair in Fort Myers for your property? A quality sidewalk repair company in Fort Myers can comprehensively perform sidewalk trip hazard repair services on your property’s sidewalk all while saving you money. The condition of your property’s concrete sidewalks is essential not only to the appearance of the property but the safety as well. 

Florida Sidewalk Solutions is one of the most experienced and respected sidewalk trip hazard repair companies in the South Florida area. We specialize in removing trip hazards, ensuring ADA compliance, and improving the safety of your property’s concrete sidewalks.

Below are some of our most common sidewalk trip hazard repair services we offer. If you would like to speak with one of our concrete repair experts about your sidewalk concrete repair project, then please contact Florida Sidewalk Solutions or call 954-514-7218 today. 

What Is the Liability of Sidewalk Trip Hazards?

Unfortunately, many property owners and property management companies will neglect trip hazards when they first appear. Generally, this decision is made because they believe they can save money by waiting to address the trip hazard at a later point.

The truth is, neglecting sidewalk trip hazards repair in Fort Myers presents a potential liability that could lead to legal action against the property owner. Trip hazards are very real public dangers.

The presence of trip hazards make it difficult for people to walk on the sidewalk or walkway. This is especially true for people with disabilities, young children, and the elderly. Trip hazards are so serious that the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) makes mention of them. 

According to ADA, any raised surface on a public sidewalk that is greater than one-quarter inch is considered a trip hazard. If the trip hazard is present on a property, the property owner or property management company is responsible for addressing them.

As previously mentioned, the presence of trip hazards presents a potential liability that can lead to major financial sentiments. Ignoring sidewalk trip hazards repair in Fort Myers will end up costing you far more than if you simply contracted a quality sidewalk repair company like Florida Sidewalk Solutions. 

How Are Trip Hazards Repaired?

The most common methods of sidewalk trip hazard repair include concrete grinding, sidewalk replacement, and concrete cutting. The most disruptive and expensive form of sidewalk repair is fully replacing a damaged sidewalk panel.

By contrast, concrete grinding and concrete cutting are the fastest, most affordable, and least disruptive. The major reasons why concrete cutting and concrete grinding are highly recommended is because they are cost-effective.

Concrete grinders can have difficulty reaching every corner of a sidewalk panel, however, and the aesthetic results can be unpleasant. By contrast, concrete cutting can reach all areas of a sidewalk panel and produces a slip-resistant and aesthetically pleasing, even surface. 

Repair Sidewalk Trip Hazards in Fort Myers

If you are interested in sidewalk repair in Fort Myers then Florida Sidewalk Solutions can help. Contact us today to get a free estimate for the cost of our sidewalk trip hazard repair service and to discuss your sidewalk trip hazard repair project. 

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Repair Sidewalk Trip Hazards Fort Myers

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