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Fix Your Sidewalk, Don’t Replace it!

Fix Your Sidewalk, Don’t Replace it!

To fix your sidewalk, going through the necessary steps sounds like an arduous job that could take a long time to do. If it’s a more personal project, for your driveway for example, then there’s a few ways you can go about it. If you are a business owner or are in charge of public sidewalks or walkways, though, there are regulations you need to make sure you adhere to, especially if you want to avoid liability.

If you’re doing this yourself, there several tools you will need to do a project like fix your sidewalk, such as a shovel, garden rake, hand tamper, rubber mallet, tape measure, patio pavers, paver base panels, leveling sand, polymeric sand, and landscape stakes.

Depending on what you want it to look like, you will want to plan out where your walkway will go, how far out it will go, the elevation, and believe it or not, the amount of use it will receive needs to be taken into consideration. A walkway is recommended to be about 40 inches wide. Once measured, you can use your sharp shovel to remove sod and rocks and dig a trench about seven inches deep. Add a gravel base to the walkway you just dug up, following with a layer of paver sand. Smooth the surface, lay the pavers, and then put in the steps. Following a few other steps, remember to secure the edges and add polymeric sand to work as a binding agent to hold the pavers in place.

This kind of heavy-duty job might be best left to professionals, which is where Florida Sidewalk Solutions comes in. This is especially helpful if you operate a business or if the property you own has a sidewalk or walkway that many people have to walk on. Our patented cutting technology makes cuts clean and precise at any angle, whereas with grinding, the slope is not planar and it becomes rough and pitted. By taking precise measurements, we know exactly when to start and end cutting, eliminating trip hazards in hard-to-reach places without damage to nearby impediments.

Florida Sidewalk Solutions can fix your sidewalk efficiently and is the industry leader in this field. Our process will work with your budget while working to make your sidewalk or walkway ADA compliant. This is a win-win for you as you can eliminate trip and fall liability by ensuring your sidewalk is leveled and repaired properly. You are sure to save a lot by choosing us, so call us today at…


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