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ADA Compliant Repairs from Florida Sidewalk Solutions

ADA compliant sidewalk repair adheres to the strict guidelines set forth in the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act and it’s 2008 amendments. While all new sidewalks must be installed to fit these rules, damage can quickly rescind its compliancy.  So how does Florida Sidewalk Solutions go about fixing this issue?


We provide fast sidewalk repair as a great alternative to sidewalk replacement. Repair is quick so it will not cause the disturbance to your daily operations that installing a completely new walkway would. It is also far more cost-effective. We use a patented edge-to-edge process that is far superior to the grinding method employed by others. This results in an attractive, smooth fix that completely removes the trip hazard. It also does not cause large pits or scarring in your concrete which is standard when using grinders or scrabblers. 


Our sidewalk repair goes above and beyond in delivering both functionality and aesthetics. Those who use wheelchairs, canes, or crutches, have prosthetics or impaired mobility will have no issue navigating your sidewalks after a visit from Florida Sidewalk Solutions. This allows you to properly serve every member of your community and make sure you are not missing out on customers due to accessibility issues.  


Other Benefits Of Sidewalk Repair

Aside from ADA compliance, there are many other benefits to having your sidewalks maintained and repaired.


  • Put Your Best Foot Forward

Any Business or neighborhood knows that their property is a direct reflection of the company and its work. In the mind of your customers or residents, this extends outside to the landscaping, parking lot, and, you guessed it, sidewalks! An unkempt sidewalk will reflect poorly on your business, even if only subconsciously. This will be greatly compounded if someone has an accident due to your walkways. Customers are likely not to return to an establishment, and definitely won’t be recommending them to friends and family. This will cause you to lose business and credibility. But there is an even more pressing concern when it comes to broken sidewalks: Lawsuits. 


Slip and fall accidents make up a large portion of accident lawsuits each year. Statistics have shown that the sidewalk or walkway was deemed the cause of injury in over half of these cases- 55% to be exact. Major companies spend millions of dollars in accident insurance each year to prepare for these unfortunate events. That may not be realistic for many small businesses, but investing in trip hazard repair is! Do not let your company or HOA get caught up in a messy lawsuit that will empty your pockets and tarnish your reputation. Florida Sidewalk Solutions can ensure that your concrete walkways are free of dangers so you can focus on serving your patrons. 


Do not wait until it is too late to address your walkway issues. You can contact us online with the option to include a photo of your damaged sidewalk. We will get back to you quickly to answer any questions. When you are ready to move forward, we will set up a time for one of our expert technicians to come and restore your sidewalk to its former glory. 

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ADA Compliant Sidewalk Repair

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